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Oct 29, 2004
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OriginalRotorstorm Fanboy, 29

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Aug 19, 2017 at 8:16 AM
    1. peteynorth
      Hey, not sure if it's dead, I hope to get back to it at some point, but I've lost interest in it. Plus my notes for the outline of the rest of it were lost. I'll see if I can recreate them, and if so, I'll probably pick it back up. Sorry I don't have better news.
    2. Rotorstorm
      Nope, not me, I'm Rotorstorm here, and was on TFormers (think I use Storm on Allspark but haven't used it in years. Been using the name since around 2004 in the places I post but haven't registered on any non English speaking boards as I don't understand the lingo.
    3. TFFan01
      Just curious. There was a guy named Rotorstorm in a Turkish Transformers forum, are you him?
    4. Omega Charge
      Omega Charge
      Excellent sig. :)
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Any takers on the D-clips and the Steel hips yet ? If not I'd be most interested and grateful to have them.

    6. podleian
      Thanks man, that's awesome of you.
    7. podleian
      Hello mate, just checking that you got my pm.
    8. Tarrn
      Hi, it's totally cool if you want to take Red's advice and hang on to Warden, but how much would you be selling him for if you do decide to do so?
    9. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Warden has now sold out Globally at Wholesale if you have not sold it yet you might like to wait a couple of months or so and you might get a premium price as he's so respected.
    10. nemisispringer
      Payment sent as a gift dude

      My adress is

      ashley ironmonger
      6 south street
      South Yorkshire
      S70 6HN

      many thanks

    11. StarLurker

      Your avatar is hilarious!

      That is all.
    12. Maz
      Hi mate, thanks so much for the links. I am very much into the gold box G1 but I've just been selling mine as a matter of necessity to fund other things. In fact I listed my Ironhide and Prowl last night, and sold Wheeljack and Sunstreaker privately :(

      Prime was indeed released in the MB assortment as both red foot and blue foot, and also in the UK as well as non-MB but still manufactured by Ceji in France.
    13. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Funds sent to your paypal.
    14. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I wanted the Soundwave as I'm thinking of dipping a toe in the Shapeways Puddle and I though the tiny chest cassettes for WFC Soundwave are a good place to start - so I'd obviously need a Soundwave for that.... also The Rumble/Frenzy are for me as I thought they'd be a nice complement to the Rambles I've got.

      And there's so many different Soundwaves and not-Soundwaves coming out it might be nice to have different ones fro the different sizes.

      For example ;

      Galaxy Force Soundwave + Energon Battle Ravage + Red Ramble + Blue Ramble
      Mp3 Soundwave + Perfect Effect Rumble & Frenzy & a Fake USB Device Label Ravage. (Can't find a real one)
      And the United ones will go nicely with the BTS Soundwave/Sonicron or the Giant G1 Fake or the new MP scale Soundwave or perhaps the one Takara are rumoured to be working on for 2012.

      But they just look like nice little Tanks anyway so I might just let them hang out with the Bruticus Limbs.

      So no I didn't want them to re-sell; anything I tend buy on the boards is for me, usually an item I had trouble locating locally or imports.

      So I still need to find a Generation Blurr now which was something else I never saw.

    15. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Would you take £55.00 Shipped for WFC Soundwave & Rumble & Frenzy ?

      Or otherwise can I just buy R& F please for £45.00 ?.

      If you have anything else you'd like to sell please let me know.

      Sorry to write in a public way my inbox is full again i'll sort it in a little bit.

      Regards RedAlert_Rescue
    16. Awesome Welles
      Awesome Welles
      No worries! Let me know if anyone you know wants one! Gnarley Chaplain? I like that, though I have to confess to stealing Awesome Welles from the criminally underrated Nathan Barley...
    17. Awesome Welles
      Awesome Welles
      Hi! Are you still after a Space Case? I have a spare US packaging one on the way if you're interested!
    18. JazzBot95
      Superhero time is on break because of golf, American golf of all things? Huh.

      Better tell my siblings then.
    19. JazzBot95
      Wait...Gokaiger is on Hiatus because of the US Open? O_o
    20. eagc7
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