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Nov 28, 2011
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Apr 2, 2012
    1. romeosrealmshop
      good evening to everyone, hope you all are having a great one,
      Thanks once again for everything TFW.
    2. romeosrealmshop
      Hello to all of Transformer World.
      It's great to be a Member of the Community!!!
      Hope you all are enjoying the years beginning!!!
      Everything is Cool here, slow start but 2012 should be a great one for us all!!!
    3. Megabattimus
      ...Do I really need to go into another rant about how I'm not your friend?
    4. romeosrealmshop
      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :) hope the new year gets started great for you All :)
    5. romeosrealmshop
      Just to let everyone know that My wife and I had a great X-mas,
      I got my wife a kindle, not the Fire, i got the one we could afford :)
      I got 3 TF's for x-mas. I got bumblebee and ratchet scan series deluxe TRU special editions. I also got target exclusive Bumblebee so this was a gReat Christmas, I love my Scan Series Figures. Toys R us is the STORE!!!!!!
      Hope that you all had a great one too and if anyone ever has questions or concerns, please let us know, Romeosrealmshop is always here to hear your oppinions or to help assist with any concerns. Thanks Transformer World. We have respect and We are thankful for every member and statistic of TFW and we Hope only that Tfw feels the same for us. Happy New years everyone. Romeosrealmshop.
    6. romeosrealmshop
      Happy HOlidays everyone,
      I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow on x-mas. Hope everything is ok with all your loved ones as well and I'm Looking forward to seeing the Great new Year Threw with all of you>
    7. Aernaroth
      I'm not really interested in discussing things like this. Please don't post on my wall again.
    8. romeosrealmshop
      Romeo has had 1817 visits to his homepage at this moment. I wish all 1,817 of you happy Holidays. My wife Took me out today to pick out a few tf's for my x-mas gift. :) I got a few one's for my collection that i showed in the new purchase tf thread today. But, My wife was lucky to find me 3 exclusive deluxe stlye figures though. I got the special edition target bumblebee and two Special edition Tru Figures coming for x-mas. I took yall's advice on getting what I like and What I enjoy collecting is the Generations or mechtech Dotm figures. You all know how it is hard to choose sometimes :) The Smaller Cyberverse figures are not really up my alley But, I actually do like mini bots though, so Maybe ill Develop a Knack for them now that I do have a few including the new starscream cyberverse I got today. Could have gotten a Megatron cyberverse as well but he was on sale for 7 and only discounted by 1 dollar so i was looking for things my wife could more afford for me for x-mas so we got the buy 1 get one free deals at "TRU" and the $6.95 deals at Target. Not to mention the ones I Got were the last one's in the store, hehe. It's just that I got lucky though and Probly walked in right when a cashier had dropped off her daily no pays so ended up with some figures ive never even seen or heard of before, :) Those are the one's im gettin for x-mas but, Atleast Today I got Dual wheelJacks so I can sale 1 on tfw. sacrificed the last rotf figure in the whole entire store to do this for sos. HEHE. Figured sos would love a new wheeljack more then a older figure/tank. I wish I woulda rethought it though, i would've just picked out one more figure so i could get both. I was tryin to be generous though about my wifes x-mas budjet so thats cool.
      I just wanted let everyone know i was Transformers Related here. Just Browsin around tfw/e-bay and hopin you all are havin a good evening too. My Wife says Hello TFW> Thanks for keepin us updated on all the TF SALES!!!!!!
    9. romeosrealmshop
      Cool Man, thanks for reply, HOpefully that new Season 2 will be here this Febuarary :) The last 25 seconds of season 1 game of Thrones is the Greatest 25 seconds in television HIstory imo :)
      I just wanted to Say good evening to everyone TFW>
    10. DethPike
      Thanks! Yeah I bump into alot of people who don't even know there are books for that show. That pic is of the back of one of the cards from the cardgame. Good stuff!
    11. romeosrealmshop
      Wing Saber, I havent heard from you today< Where you at Man? :)
    12. romeosrealmshop
      I hope that everyone is having a Good Evening. Just Tryin to chill Time Here. Everything is Good. :) Thanks 4 everything TFW.
    13. romeosrealmshop
      thanks my dear friend :) hav a great afternoon Sir Orion Prime. :)
    14. Orion_Prime48
      all official TFs have instructions
    15. romeosrealmshop
      I never said it wasnt friend and still proved great wonder to tfw with the TOY.
      where do you get your source from on the Transformation instructions being included dear Friend? Thanks, Romeo
    16. Orion_Prime48
      yes they do, yours was resealed with packing tape and very badly at that
    17. romeosrealmshop
      Dear Friends, Do bumbleclass Leader dotm figures come with an instruction booklet inside the box.? because if anyone thinks they do, i beg to differ.
    18. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Rightttttttt... okay have fun being yourself then! :confused2:
    19. romeosrealmshop
      I just love Transformers Friend and find no reason to try and downgrade others here on transformer world :)
      Romeo only wishes peace and Everlasting Transformer Love to each and every one that reads this msg and this wish is made to all of transformer world. Its christmas time :) its time to Have Joy in Transformer World :) I am pretty sure that People view romeos home page just to share a bit of x-mas spirit :) and when they do and read this msg dear FRIend :) they will :)
      Please be blessed Transformers World!!!!!!!!
    20. [Wing_Saber-X]
      wait, are you high on something everytime you post? It's kinda getting tiresome...
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