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I, 23

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May 16, 2016
    1. shibamura_prime
    2. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      In no particular order my favs are-

      Bullet- For being so different, and the contrast between the sound and lyrical content (plus Charlie sings)
      Coming Back Down- This song basically describes something going on in my life right now so I really relate to it
      Lights Out- Deuce diss
      Levitate- Not your average sex song
      Apologize- For speaking the truth! lol

      Whoever put Coming Back Down/Bullet/Levitate together knew what they were doing, that's a three song knockout.
    3. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Oh man that's tough, can I get back to you on that one? lol
    4. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Hollywood Undead - Undead Army - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    5. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Think I'm gonna go ahead and make an Undead social group, you down?
    6. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Lol, not stolen, its a mixtape. Since Deuce is a signed artist the only kind of tracks he's allowed to up and release whenever he wants without record label approval are mixtapes. In fact all the songs he's released this year (with or without Truth) have been mixtapes.

      Also, funnily enough Dove & Grenade is also a mixtape, the music is taken from a Puscifer song that Renholder helped remix a while ago, Undertaker.
    7. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Sad thing is nobody knows the real deal, legal complications and all. One side of the story says Deuce threw a hissy fit during the recording for Desperate Measures and claimed he was the reason why everybody got successful, which caused problems and his eventual firing from the band. Another side says that Deuce and J3T had it out, again, and it came down to one or the other. The band voted Deuce out figuring he'd be easier to replace on tour than Johnny. I figure there's truth to both sides though.

      Story of a Snitch appears to be primarily directed at Johnny, but if you listen to the lyrics there's dogs on Danny Boy, J-Dog, and Kisses 4 Kings. I'm staying neutral though, Imma keep listening to everybody's music. I gotta wonder if Johnny and the boys are going to put out a retaliation song like a lot of artists do when something like this happens.
    8. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Some heavy stuff coming out of Deuce's mouth...
    9. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Fancy footwork! I dug the simplest one, I resized it so I can use it on a couple other boards too if that's alright. I like the nice blend of Myspace-era and current masks too, very nice.
    10. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Biscuitz (He's so chill live, I don't even care that he's only a tour member lol) Its watermarked but you don't need a full body shot do you?

      And is this good enough for Shady?
    11. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Lmao that's awesome, I just pictured J3T actually being an Iron Grenadier. Fancy footwork there with the graphics though! I could dig an HU sig, maybe one with everybody? A couple of the members might be a littler harder to track down good pics of though (Danny Boy, Shady Jeff, etc.). Lemme know if you need any help finding some good pics of them.
    12. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      YouTube - 9 Lives - Break Them Wallz (feat. Jeffree Star) Deuce is BACK!
    13. Elita_One
      This place is much more sane right now than Hisstank, lol.
    14. josh5837
      haha aint that the truth
    15. josh5837
      uh no not really but its nice to know your no jackass
    16. josh5837
    17. Elita_One
      Thanks again, bud :)
    18. Toxicon
      Thanks man.
    19. guard convoy
    20. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      I think people were expecting too much. Its only been about a year since Swan Songs, and most bands take several years in between albums. This was something they did for fun (covers) and so they could change up the live set (new songs).
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