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Jan 27, 2003
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The Prime Producer

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Oct 18, 2017 at 11:04 PM
    1. Nez Pierce
      Nez Pierce
      What do you think of trying to get another meet going on?
    2. thundercatlord
      I know man, it's awesome. BTW, I should be able to do that line you wanted tomorrow.
    3. thundercatlord
      Yeah! Looks awesome! The Wondercon trailer got me super excited. Should have those lines coming your way this weekend BTW.
    4. jon3pnt0
      lol. whatever. you say that to all the boys. ;)
    5. Jux
      Good to hear you're still making the vids - to this day, the fandom STILL needs more quality editors!

      I'm still tinkering with vids on the side, but I've been so caught up with work and stuff that I haven't put out much since the Picard Video. I didn't even do the Member Video last year, Ops_was_a_truck did that (I'm proud to say he's another apprentice of mine).

      I'll get back into it at some point, but unfortunately I don't have much work over the past few years to show for myself.

      And I can't believe the Broncos blew that game at Buffalo ... I'm hoping for a miracle against San Diego.
    6. Lbsammills51
      Hey, what's up? Collecting's going great!!! I have almost everything I want now, even the stuff I've talked myself into (which is a lot, considering where I started). Sideswipe is awesome, thanks again. Sadly I can't say the same for the Red Alert I bought (right arm broke off in my hand the first time I transformed him, unfixable), but that's the only issue I've come up with. I haven't even put all the stickers on the reissues yet, but I was going to start tonight with Prime and Megatron. I think my collection's over 100 by now, but I haven't counted in a while!

      Hope all is well with you. Happy holidays!
    7. MilkManX
      Cool! Cant wait to see it!
    8. Jeremy.B
      Sup dude! Long time no see!
    9. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      Yeah, not too bad, mostly visiting the TV forum these days.
    10. Ironhide2005
      Oh hey sorry for not talkin to yah in awhile but heres the teaser YouTube - IH2005:SUPER MOVIE
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