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Space Hipster, 41, from Minneapolis

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Sep 19, 2017 at 6:48 PM
    1. ParaChomp
      Well I got banned from the episode 1 toy thread so I never got my question answered...
    2. Fallout
      hey, you're looking for a gen arcee, right?
    3. Mobb One
    4. Mobb One
      Mobb One
      where's your avatar of Arya and Tyrion from? Cool
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I just thought you might like to know that the Dinosaur team is also part of Star Cats - the plot is that they are overpowered by the team and then used as team mates afterwards - there might be other neat things to follow including some insect based stuff hopefully also in the cartoon they are from.
    6. GoseiWonder
      You guessed right, my location is referencing the St. Cloud Superman.

      Damn that guy is disturbing...*shudders*
    7. Underwear
      Rhino lover :)
    8. Vexwing
      Knowing Ironfist's condition and ultimate fate certainly changes how you read it in the second read through. Did you get the trade paperback? The text story "Bullets" is sort of a fitting ending for his character. But really, a big theme that Roche and Roberts were going for with this book was that people die, often in tragic, seemingly meaningless ways. Roche has drawn far more comics than he's written, but the few that he's written are good. He did Spotlight: Kup and Megatron and one of the two stories in All Hail Megatron #15. As for Ironfist, he made a cameo appearance in a flashback in MTMTE, so it's likely we'll keep getting a nod to him here and there, even after his death.
    9. Vexwing
      So how did you like LSOTW?
    10. FanimusMaximus
      Oh, well that's what ebay is for!
    11. FanimusMaximus
      As long as it is complete I'll buy it.
    12. FanimusMaximus
      Any Kenner figures?
    13. FanimusMaximus
      What do you have in the terms of the Revenge of the Sith line to today?
    14. FanimusMaximus
      Are you really going to be selling your 3 3/4 Star Wars figures?
    15. MegaDolrailer
      Thought he looked familiar, didn't know he was out yet, neat!
    16. MegaDolrailer
      Hey man, like, who is that robo-man? in your icon?
    17. Wasabi Kid
      Wasabi Kid
      Hi there, I would be interested in your vf-22s also as my vf-22s is missing the antenna. Would u be interested in parting with the antenna alone?
    18. Quixote_Prime
      Truly yours is a ... superior intellect (dies).
    19. rizuan76
      Eric dude if just in case you missed it:

      I'm nearly certain this question has been asked and answered (probably seven times), but this thread has gotten too daunting to sift through: What happens if you just remove the springs and put the feet back together without them? Will they be too loose to maintain any poses?

      My springs aren't visibly sticking out yet, but both feet have gotten impossible to pose. They either sproing up too far or down to far.
      Sadly yes bro, once you removed them springs there's not much of a rachety effect & it becomes somewhat floppy.

      The springs are there to provide tension & make the whole racheting movement work.

      Some further reading:
      Ratchet (mechanism)
    20. rizuan76
      Merry X'mas & a happy new year Eric! bro I hope you have a good holiday ahead of you. cheers! :D
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