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Oct 17, 2017 at 10:13 PM
    1. Soundwave338
      Thanks man, I appreciate it.
    2. TylerMirage
      Yeah, if you can make his face recognizably Wheeljack-esque, but also incorporate an identifiable welding mask-design, that'd be superb.
    3. TylerMirage
      And that's how I feel about your Wheeljack; you're making it new, fresh, your own, but still keep some of that iconic-ness in it. :) I really dig the welding mask-idea. Are you going to have a "visor" that also flips down to join the welding mask?
    4. TylerMirage
      I was discussing with Starscream Gaga about designs, which I'm going to just quote because I'm lazy.

      "Unique is what keeps this franchise going. Imagine how boring it would be if every series had the exact same roster of characters with the exact same personalities and the exact same designs and colour schemes. Bleh. See, my personal preference? If you're going to have a design be similar to G1, do it in subtle ways, rather than blatant in-your-face homages and copies (no offense, majority of TFA). Make a Wheeljack with a faceplate and those "ears", but without having the horizontal lines on them or having him be a white/red/green sportscar or something."
    5. TylerMirage
      Very much like the bio for him so far, and that he's portrayed as more of a chubby repairman/"grease monkey" in appearance.

      As for his alt mode, my first pick would be the telephone maintenance cherry picker, and then the two truck.

      Do you have any design decision made for his face?
    6. TylerMirage
      Bounce ideas off me?


      Please. Please do. :D
    7. TylerMirage
      I posted this in your art thread, but in case you don't see it there soon enough...

      Thanks; that's what I thought. My big debate coming up though, is whether to go with Cyraptor's 'so good I wish I thought of it' alt mode for wheeljack or try to come up with something different but equally good.
      My opinion? Try something on your own first, and then if you can't come up with anything you like, then maybe go with CyRaptor's idea. But I mean, I'm sure you can come up with something ingenious. After all, you made Ironhide an armored bank truck and Flatline a Hearse, which I can honestly tell you are two of the most amazing alternate mode choices for character I have ever witnessed.

      Seriously, I know you can come up with something equally as awesome for Wheeljack. :D
    8. Dinobot Scythe
      Dinobot Scythe
      Thanks. I'd be happy for some help. :) I want them to turn into real vehicles, but I know nothing about real vehicles. I'll make a roster list soon. Again, thanks.
    9. AutobotJazz1
      Thanks:D Nice talking with you to.
    10. AutobotJazz1
      Thanks for accepting
    11. Bumblebee765
      I just posted some new fan art: Huntress, and thought you might want to check it out! :D Huntress is my favorite fan character I've created. :wink:
    12. Honorbound
      Thank you very much. I always love proactive heroes, guys and gals who actually step up and hunt down the villains, as opposed to those who play the waiting game. The same goes for villains; playing the reactive game gets boring, especially if both sides are doing it, a la Prime. That's why I love Bayverse Optimus and the Bayverse in general. On a somewhat related note, one thing I'd like to see is an inversion of the old "villains act, heroes react" trope.
    13. Honorbound
      In response to your most recent visitor message, sure; I say we discuss new series ideas on related threads to see what others could contribute, but beyond that, PM is a good way to go.
    14. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      or you could go to Behind the voice actors
    15. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      Michael Dorn as Optimus Prime (Worf from Star Trek)
      Diedrich Bader as Ironhide (Batman from Batman Brave and the Bold)
      Tara Strong as Red Alert (TFA voice)
      Will Friedle as Hot Shot (Terry McGuinus from Batman Beyond)
      John DiMaggio as Wheeljack (Bender from Futurama)
      Sumalee Montano as Arcee (Prime voice)

      Clancy Brown as Megatron (Savage Opress from Star Wars Clone Wars)
      Steve Blum as Starscream (Prime voice) or John Kassir (The cryptkeeper)
      Keith Szarabajka as Soundwave (DOTM Laserbeak but in Harbinger's voice from Mass Effect)
      James Sie as Bludgeon (Jackie Chan and Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures)
      Jennifer Hale as Fracture (Giganta from Justice League)
      Mark Hamill as Thunderwing (The Joker)

      Michael McConnohie as Sentinel Prime (Charle Zi Britannia from Code Geass, plus G1 Tracks)
      Crispin Freeman as Prowl (Red Arrow from Young Justice)
      Robert Englund as Flatline (Freddy Kruger)

      try these on for size.
    16. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      So whose your voice cast for your roster? would you mind some suggestions?
    17. Bumblebee765
      Okay, a little over a foot is what I'm thinking too... Thanks anyways!
    18. Bumblebee765
      Do you by any chance know how tall a Voyager figure is? Namely Prime Megatron, but I think any Voyager height would be good. I don't have any Voyager figures, but I want the shelves I'm building to be that big, except the one on the top, that's Battle Ops Bumblebee height (I've already measured him since I own him) :wink:
    19. Honorbound
      I'm just letting you know that I've accepted your friend request. It's great to talk to you.
    20. supernova222
      i looked up animayed spittor on google, itsa like the forth image in on the first row
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