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Oct 19, 2017 at 9:49 PM
    1. Honorbound
      With Megatron, I like the changes you're planning for the drawing; I'd go so far as to make the death-lock pincer (what RotF Megatron's weapon is called) and the rotor flail (I'd base it in Bayverse Barricade's weapon) be his official weapons and have the blade cape be permanently attached to his back, able to spread into Nova Prime-like wings when he takes flight.
    2. Honorbound
      With Optimus, I think if you show off the ion emitters as opposed to his shotgun, that will go a long way towards solving your problem. As far as his physical design, as long as you maintain the window pectorals, a white or grey abdomen, blue and red somewhere in the design, and a decent Optimus head, you're good to go. You don't even need the first two; Split Lip based part of his design on Machine Wars. Just go with what you like.
    3. Honorbound
      I do see how your Megatron is genericizing, though. That's why I committed to the Quintesson Forge in my Lone Crusade idea - it gave Megatron something unique, that played into his megalomania and overall theme of domination and mental violation. Do you have any ideas at the moment?

      Edit: You mentioned a while back that the key trait any Megatron needs is charisma. Perhaps you can play off of that the way BW and TFA Megatron did.
    4. Honorbound
      On the subject of Optimus and Megatron, what specifically has you feeling like they are getting generic? Your Optimus has an interestingly troubled past, what with the Iacon Archives incident and the war itself - with all of that in his past, along with what you previously wrote about him being hard, pessimistic, and stubborn, he could be like TFA Ratchet, only younger and more physically fit. He'd still have those issues, but he'd seem like the war has aged him more than most.

      Your most recent addition to him, his Gibbs-like tendency to do what needs to be done, regardless of whether he ruffles the feathers of some politically correct bureaucrat, could also add an interesting dynamic to him: he's an undeniably skilled badass who gets the job done, but he's extremely unpopular with the politicians, meaning that he's a perpetual outsider. The tidbit of the Council sending him on a pipe dream mission because they have no idea what to do with him merely underscores this.
    5. Honorbound
      Thank you very much. I'd be glad to help.

      Soundwave as a kingmaker makes a lot of sense, since his role in your series means that he has a lot of pull in the background. I'm not sure that he needs to be loyal to the cause and not the man, though - there are different expressions of loyalty. While Fracture would be like Lugnut or Armada Wheeljack, outwardly shouting "All Hail the Glorious Megatron," Soundwave could be like Tarn of the DJD, ensuring that the Decepticons remain loyal to Megatron.

      Now, your Shockwave is damned impressive, reminiscent of what MTMTE just did with the character. I like how you incorporated Beast Machines Tankor's shtick into him - it gives him a little kick and makes him the intelligent, hidden traitor to Starscream's arrogantly foolish braggart. The two make perfect foils.
    6. Spin-Out
      Your art's better than any attempts I've made, at least! I've been inspired by other fans, such as using Red Alert instead of Ratchet because CyRaptor did the same in his Legacy pictures.
    7. Spin-Out
      As a matter of fact, I'm going to try to before the end of the year. I didn't think it'd be that popular, honestly :)
    8. AutobotJazz1
      Haha I forgot he says that:lol Megatron is just sick. After that lost he needs to just retire:lol
    9. AutobotJazz1
      Heck yea:lol At long last! Decepticons!!!! Revenge is ours!!! Ooppsss wait the Bots found us! Megatron: Damn I cant have nothing:banghead::lol
    10. AutobotJazz1
      Happy Thanksgiving[IMG]
    11. TylerMirage
      Whoops, yeah, I did see your Arcee. Made a comment about it just now.
    12. TylerMirage
      Of course I did. There's a reason that I have your art thread bookmarked along with Split's and CyRaptor's. Your ideas are fan-diddly-tastic! :D
    13. AutobotJazz1
      Great. I havnt been on the boards much lately.....other then that everything has been good:)
    14. AutobotJazz1
      How are you?
    15. kaijuguy19
      Yes but the circumstance of how that happened will be different.

      And cool. :) Can't wait for Arcee. She's next after my Megatron.
    16. kaijuguy19
      Good. :) I'm now finishing doing the inks and colors on Megatron. He'll be up soon.
    17. kaijuguy19
      Thanks. :) And to further his reference from Primal his old friends are Airazor and a character based off Rhinox. You'll see those two eventually.

      Soundwave the troll. :lol
    18. kaijuguy19
      Thanks. I was having a tough time trying to do something a little more original for his design and I thought why not go back to how designs of the original G1 toys were based off of? That is of Japanese armour? I'm glad it worked. As for his character it's like a mix between Primal and TFA Optimus but with a more bittersweet tinge to it.

      And I did. Interesting idea of making Soundwave a drone since he pretty much acts like one anyway.
    19. kaijuguy19
    20. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      no go right ahead.
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