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Apr 9, 2012
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Oct 17, 2017 at 10:13 PM
    1. AutobotJazz1
      It was great:) Got a newlaptopand a few other things.
    2. AutobotJazz1
      Yo,Merry Christmas homie:)
    3. Honorbound
      Merry Christmas to you too.

      I think the Soundwave controlling a flock of drones idea came from you, though great minds do think alike.

      Onto the Worm Who Walks idea, the main inspiration for the idea was seeing Soundwave standing stock still, then gradually flying apart into dozens of mechanical birds, bats, or insects. It would definitely aid his surveillance capabilities, much the way that Tarantulas's little spybots did in Beast Wars. The main problem is turning that into a toy, unless they settled for just a handful of drones, like a mini-gestalt.
    4. Ømnidrive
      U read an bring both in it'll be fun!!! Turing in now good night!!!
    5. Ømnidrive
      Thanks bro how many more charcters u got 2 do?
    6. Ømnidrive
      Thanks for your comment and I answered your to remember........OH YEA since the charcters are done the comic..............IS ON so look out for me!!!
    7. Ømnidrive
      Hey bro got everyone up!!!
    8. Ømnidrive
      I will at some point all of them!!!
    9. Ømnidrive
    10. AutobotJazz1
      Nice. Hope its great for ya!
    11. AutobotJazz1
      Hey Rewind Eject, just wanted to see how your doing so, I hope your doing well.
    12. Honorbound
      Thanks for the heads up. I'll go over and take a look.
    13. kaijuguy19
      I do have that in mind. Minerva's going to look child like since she's the youngest of my femmes. Airazor's the eldest so she looks more like a full grown female fighter pilot with hints of Valkirie in it. Arcee's more of a late teens/early to mid 20's look.
    14. kaijuguy19
      Cool. :)

      Maybe that her backstory feels too much like her Prime self from what people told me about. I won't change too much though. Maybe do her backpack and legs different as well as her helment as well as some of her backstory but that's it. I do want to keep her as a TFP homage all the same. I mean her TFA version's isn't too different from her G1 self either so having mine be a TFP homage isn't too different.
    15. kaijuguy19
      It's doing fine.

      Fracture is a surprise but it's a nice choice since it helps make her different from Arcee. I'm thinking of redoing my Arcee as well but I'm going to focus on my next three entries first. Next is Starscream.
    16. Ømnidrive
      Same thing and hwk
    17. Ømnidrive
    18. Honorbound
      You're welcome. I'm happy to help.

      I take it that scene is Starscream's last screwup.
    19. Honorbound
      Sorry for the four posts in a row, I have another idea I'd recommend with Megatron's betrayal of Straxus: it's a huge secret. Megatron, being the careful, manipulative bastard that he is, arranged Straxus's assassination while keeping his hands clean - Starscream could tumble to the secret and become a huge threat to Megatron's power base, forcing Megatron to hunt him down and silence him.
    20. Honorbound
      On Megatron's personality and origin, one idea I had was to make Megatron Straxus's apprentice, While Straxus ruled Darkmount, Megatron studied under the tyrant, learning his lessons at Straxus's knee, and came to believe the same things that Straxus did, especially the techno-superiority that rooted itself in the Decepticon cause. Megatron's betrayal came because he thought that his father (or father figure) wasn't radical enough - Straxus could have advocated enslaving worlds and allowing organics to live as servants, while Megatron advocated actual genocide, clearing out the organics and leaving their resources free for Cybertron to seize.
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