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Mar 23, 2017 at 12:45 AM
Mar 3, 2012
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Puck Hockey


Avoiding spoilers for a ton of games so don't talk to me ever again. Mar 1, 2017

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Mar 23, 2017 at 12:45 AM
    1. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Avoiding spoilers for a ton of games so don't talk to me ever again.
    2. Puck Hockey
    3. Puck Hockey
    4. Omega Supreme V
      Omega Supreme V
      Transformers won't get good again for a very, very, VERY, long time. Please wallow in Senjohgahara's lap.
      1. Puck Hockey
        Puck Hockey
        If Transformers being bad means I can be in Senjo's lap, it should be bad forever~
        Dec 29, 2016
    5. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      I'm back baby
    6. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Avoiding spoilers for The Last Guardian. See ya'll in a few days.
    7. Puck Hockey
    8. MetalRyde
      that sig of yours, did you do that or is it something you found?

      either way, its hilarious.
      1. Puck Hockey
        Puck Hockey
        I am creatively bankrupt and have no talent, they are all things I stumble upon. Love to share though!
        Oct 24, 2016
    9. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      happy spook month
    10. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      are we twitter now
    11. algo448
      Eveything looks alien and I have no clue how anything works.
      You fix it.
    12. algo448
      Spoilers without context are mostly hype.
      I am being judged.

      Is that you Rider?

      Grandpa was samurai inspired, he needs to keep the traidtion alive.
      I try to imagine him doing an attack with all 3 of his beams at once, it always ends with missing limbs.

      If you distribute the skill points wrongly you can make the game unbeatable. CCC had to drop that angle completely.

      That it makes no sense.

      They can't have anybody not be into Saber.
      He has a skull behind the skull.

      And it doesn't align with what I said.

      It's up there.
      Look at all those cigs, it's no wonder he didn't make it to season 2.
      1. Puck Hockey
        Puck Hockey
        how does this work
        Sep 8, 2016
      2. Puck Hockey
        Puck Hockey
        omg amazing
        Sep 8, 2016
      3. algo448
        I DON'T KNOW!
        Sep 8, 2016
    13. algo448
      I walked into that one, didn't I?

      I totally get her not owning one, it's more the idea that she never saw one in a school full of students.

      Anyways, they are quite comfy.

      A fair trade.

      I detect hints of animosity.

      Maybe it wasn't meant to be.
      If a happy ending is all it took then they'd just shove Genie in every show.

      I'm speechless.

      Stars are good on any color chain.
      Good try, but nope.

      They'll just lolify old events. Loli halloween, loli christmas, loli swimsuits.
      A grown man beating a poor mushroom feels so wrong.
    14. algo448
      Pray tell, how in the world did your brain reach that conclusion?

      Sex and about to get killed by Hercules are both events in which humans tend to behave wildly different.
      When they are on the greater grail Hassan politely tells Zouken that maybe he's overconfident and maybe his plan has a few colossal gaps, Zouken is like nah, and then Dark Sakura wipes the floor with them. It's also where we learn Hassan has no face behind the mask.

      You stupid mutt, dogs are supposed to play poker not dice.

      Some are naturals, some are trained.
      I also like the stand alone episodes of DtB a lot, the fire contractor one in particular.
    15. algo448
      And now that's too dramatic.

      You want to use the crits with the busters or arts though.
      I've had Buster Brave Chains with Arts teams.

      Can the lolicons break the servers hard enough? Let's have faith.
      Please leave your neighbors alone.

      Caster and Gil got pawned.
      If you haven't read the novel then it's just a lot of teasers that make zero sense, it's pretty well done in that sense.
      I watched Zero, I just forgot that.

      HA tried with Kuzuki, it really did, it also failed.

      The Dark Side is powerful indeed.

      Shields are just blunt swords. Which glow. And are pink flowers. Yeah, I dunno.
      Good luck beating the secret boss with Caster.
    16. algo448
      There's already one.
      Oh well, screw dogs.

      They are apparel.
      How come she never saw a computer on school anyways?

      There are nails and a bed.
      How was I supposed to know nail bed was a completely different thing!?

      Love Stage should have at least as many episodes as Love Live.

      It's good to be productive while waiting.

      Evolution I guess. If you are forced to interact with someone, it's easier if your brain says you like them.

      I don't find "alternate earth on moon" endings to be my cup of tea. That said, yeah, she deserved a scene.

      But I do, if I wanted ice cream from someone I'd just ask for ice cream, otherwise I'm just stating I dig ice cream.
      Why would I need to be coy about it? Do I look like an insecure girlfriend?
      I'm going to hell for that joke.
    17. algo448
      SN Archer is a tool, no arguments there, and his powerset as a whole makes no sense because logically he should have never traced stuff like Rho Aias, yet he has access to whatever the plot demands because.
      I only like him when he's just being adult Shirou, so basically GO.
      He also seems decent in Extra, but everybody is nicer around Hakuno.


      She has never been portrayed as manipulative, or willing to exploit others either. She always makes exceptions for Shirou, why would that change?
      Agreed on both ends.

      I know what I said.

      Economics are a beautiful thing.
      I like the Stand Alone episodes far more than the Laughing Man stuff, I just find it to be a very well done cop show.
    18. algo448
      They really need new stuff, there's only so many ways you can make a drain skill different.
      I think he should be a step above Sanson. Only bronzes need 10. Oh my god, you are really expecting her to be playable.

      I don't care about Sakura, but I feel there was enough stuff going around besides her, heck, we teamed up with Kirei of all people. The Vita version has openings, they are neato.
      Doesn't ring any bells.

      I think that's a fair stance, and another huge issue with the way Archer is handled.

      Tsubame's only issue is trying to explain how he got it, nobody understands how it can be achieved and it borders on being True Magic.
    19. algo448
      He was never allowed to make the king's jello again.

      I highly doubt so.
      Dogs would go extinct.

      "Local idols ruin everything."
      Wands are not kids.
      I did not see that coming, it worked.



      Oh, shucks.

      They'll just ignore it.
      It's not the same.

      I feel betrayed too.
      That girl, yeah.

      Whatever hint of an order you found must have been in your head.
      That's too much effort.

      But 40k crits. 40k.
    20. algo448
      Hug the Toriel plush.

      I don't complete games. No it wasn't, the proper answer is to say no to every single question, Rin actually agrees and gets happy that way.
      That's what I meant, since I saw it via Deen first it never stuck in my head.
      Oh, and Illya kills Shinji too. Good reward.


      Of course not, he needs you to come back, it's all business.
      I really like S1 of SaC, the rest of what I've seen is okay.
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