Aug 25, 2007
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    1. rizuan76
      Bro check out the new Brave/Eldoran thread on the new Toyark forum. i already posted some of my pixs. check it out & support the thread. :)
      The Brave/Eldoran Thread

      Thread started by Roanstalker.
    2. rizuan76
      Hi Primus! bro pls join us!! help support the movement!! the more the merrier :D

      TFW2005 Brave Robot Fans - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    3. rizuan76
      Bro i just posted some pixs on the Brave thread today. check it out :).
    4. rizuan76
      Bro are you still looking for a Ga-Ohn? well i just went by Liqdeal store (toyrarena) today over on evilbay, guess what? he have just restocked it. also with quite a few other Braves restocked as well i.e DX Goldran, Sky Saber, Land Bison, The Might Gaine guys & others. btw do you still remember awhile back boardmember payres kept plugging his Da-Garn x for sale on the Brave thread? finally someone has bought it! me! ok once i get my reissue CMS Genesic GGG i will post pics of them all :)
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