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Jul 1, 2002
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Cybertronian Broker, Male, 48

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Oct 18, 2017 at 7:22 AM
    1. ratedjko
      sent a pm sir! thanks
    2. Goldenprimus
    3. kenm2474
      Got them today. Thanx. I'm leaving you feedback. Please do the same.
    4. Ezilla82
      Well thanks to a website called the Monster Archives I found a couple Ultramen that sorta fit my Enforcer armor and they are as followed: Evil Tiga, Dark Tiga, Agul V1 and V2, Dyna (Miracle Mode), Cosmos (Luna Mode), Legend, Nexus Junis Blue, and Hikari. But like I said I think I'll just draw my own Ultraman like I did with making my own Kamen Rider.
    5. blue death
      blue death
      Thank man, I appreciate it. Unfortunately it just couldn't have come at a worse time. My birthday was last week so any cash I had was extra anyway and the repairs wound up costing way more than that.
    6. Ezilla82
      I really don't trust ebay all that well, but I like said earlier I need a middleman to buy this and than negiolate later when the figure arrives. I know the sounds like I'm stalling, but I like I said I don't have a credit/debit card in which to get Paypal.
    7. Ezilla82
      I just got a pm from the mod from Tokunation that he said there was one on Amazon Japan...unfortuately I don't understand Japanese. But the price of it was similar to the one on Well anyways just keep checking your sources and as usual let me know.
    8. Ezilla82
      Cool. Like usual just let me know.
    9. Ezilla82
      Well I know their in Japan and the price is less than 124 dollars thats for sure. I would love to, but I don't have the credit card to do it. So thats a bust for me. Well my thought process is that if you do get it for me there maybe I can pay in payments, but thats just a long shot.
    10. Ezilla82
      I've found it at if your familiar with them, but its 114 or 115 dollars. I have deal with them before when they were in the states.
    11. Ezilla82
      $124...geez. Well just keep looking.
    12. Ezilla82
      Thanks, man. Let me know if you find anything.
    13. Ezilla82
      My "quest" of obtaining SHMA Garuda has put me in a bind, so in Tokunation I post in the "Wanted" thread to hopefully get a middleman (even though I have two people helping, but expand the search further). So hopefully I get replies. Hey if you can help that would be great if not I completely understand.
    14. Ezilla82
      Thats a good theory. At first I thought at first it was a mold defect of something, but seeing that maybe everyone is seeing it too than that makes me feel good and not that its just me or something.
    15. Ezilla82
      You know I did notice those projection that I told you about on the back of the upper arm on SG on the left arm, but on mine their small, but they're there.
    16. FanimusMaximus
      Indeed. You gotta love the Irony of an Ultraman being the major enemy.
    17. FanimusMaximus
      Is that Ultraman Belial I see?
    18. nelodiavolo
      Wow, I cannot even put into words how awesome that 94 Botcon Breakdown is! I am sorry that you have to sell it. I cannot even attempt to know how much that would go for nowadays. Good luck with your sales.
    19. Liokaiser
      Call me!!!!
    20. Liokaiser
      So when can we meetup? Call me man. :D
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