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I am what I am

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Sep 24, 2017 at 3:35 PM
    1. GuardianAngel87
      *shrugs* Somebody around here had to. Anyway, you're welcome.
    2. GuardianAngel87
      So, how is the video I mentioned on the "What made you laugh today?" thread?
    3. Autovolt 127
    4. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      sure why not?

      I'll probably be the sweaty guy who gets his shopping done quickly.
    5. Autovolt 127
    6. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Tell us when you're going to die or else we can't publicize it.

      You came back at a good time though, our sales were waning and a surprise resurrection is exactly what we need!
    7. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      come baaaack where did you go
    8. Bumblebee765
      Well I wouldn't say they got stuck in my head. I just watched a couple. :lol
    9. Bumblebee765
      I forget exactly. All I know is one of his videos popped up on the side listing on YouTube, then I watched a couple of them.
    10. moreprimeland
      It's under USER CP... give it a look see...
    11. GoLion
    12. GoLion
    13. moreprimeland
      Discussing TV & Movie topics should always be discussed/posted in the TV & movies forum... even TV or Movie series/topics in general...which can be added to an existing thread most likely... Also, it would give you an opportunity to take the discussion in another direction if you want, nothing wrong with that, provided the discussion doesn't break forum rules or start a flame war type of thing. Anytime we have a designated forum, it's simply the preferred place for that type of discussion thread.
      If you're in doubt if the topic is currently or previously being discussed just run a search first and go from there. Keep in mind that search works best if the 'search words' are more than 3 letters... those short thread titles will not likely pop up for ya. Like The Con or The Bot (just examples- not real series).... won't get you much in the way of results.
      Good luck.
    14. autotronprime
      Awesome! I'm glad you like them and thanks for the support!
    15. GuardianAngel87
      Sailor Moon Season Two Part Two
      Batman: The Television Series Complete Season Two Part Two as well as The Complete Third Season
      Avengers: Age of Ultron
      Some SW Books (Old EU)
      and a few other things.
    16. GuardianAngel87
      Maybe. My general feelings for Star Wars as a whole is now the following and you're most likely going to hate me for this: Bah, Humbug!

      Anyway, enough of that and you're probably very annoyed by this at this point. What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year?
    17. Cracka J
      Cracka J
      you asking about ventrilo for voice chat or just quoting stuff lol?
    18. Cracka J
      Cracka J
      I can't see you. I can't hear you. I can't feel you.
    19. GuardianAngel87
      Okay. Still didn't do me any good when I actually try to be though.
    20. GuardianAngel87
      That's what I figure. Damn it. I'm practically a cynic who is getting old when it comes to this franchise at this point. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop trying in regards to expressing my own opinions about Star Wars especially on this site since all it does is causing me nothing but trouble.
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