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    1. draydenross
    2. chris settlemoir
      chris settlemoir
      Reason I posted that is there's a seller of a figure on instead of being a seller on PayPal payment they want me to send the money as a gift and idk if I should do that
    3. IceMagnus
      You might want to look at the Prime/RID forum.
    4. OptimusMinimus

      Do you happen to have a Stomp FT-07x for sale?

    5. Venomus Rodimus
      Venomus Rodimus
      Why can't I upload any photos to my sales page?

      The following error occurred:
      Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.

      What am I doing wrong here?
    6. Negronicus
      Hello, you were added to the convo
    7. GoLion
      Hey, sent you a PM.
    8. 2003 Megatron
      2003 Megatron
      Can you please contact me? I have a complaint and question about a mod and a issue with another member.
    9. Fallout
      simpsons pictures that i gone and done
    10. 86mcss
      I would like to make a suggestion. At the top of a thread we get a "watch thread" option. Would it be possible to get a "picture only" option? Where it only shows post with photos? I think it would be a great help for a lot of us who do not visit weekly and do not get to see all the newest and up to date/comparison photos we would like to see without having to comb through sometimes thousands of post.
    11. moreprimeland
      Thankies for the purple name. You rock. lol
    12. TFKaiser
      I made a purchase from another user named Jhiaxus666 for a Shattered Glass Rodimus figure. He has either blocked me or is ignoring my requests for a tracking number on the package. I have tried contacting him on here and the email attached to the paypal transaction. I've also reported the conversation regarding the sale. Can I get some help on this matter?
    13. combinerlover
      I have created 2 threads of the same subject , but one has errors , so can you please deleate it for me ? I left a message in the thread that needs to be deleted . ty
    14. daniel 97
      daniel 97
      Can I please ask my birth date to be changed, I noticed it is incorrect and don't know why really, so please...can the month be changed to May and not March?
      1. optimusfan
        Got it.
        Sep 9, 2016
        daniel 97 likes this.
      2. daniel 97
        daniel 97
        Sep 10, 2016
    15. primalxconvoy

      Thanks for your help!

      Could you explain to me:

      - how to link to, or allude to related content/websites, etc without breaking any rules?

      - Whether the video itself in my post DID break rules (and if so, which ones?)

      - (untelatedly) is it possible to link to any YouTube video, etc and hide it behind a "spoiler" or "click to view" doohickey? And/or if you were able to view my attempt as such and edited it anyway?

      I'm going to edit my post (if possible) with the "offendotron" comment, but not the link (I'll just say "Google/YouTube search " TRANSformer" and use the save disclaimer.

      Let me know if that's OK and it edit regardless (but then please remove my ALL CAPS CRY FOR HELP AT THE END OF MY POST. I look like I'm shouting at myself for no reason!
    16. Tracytron
      I just found it again on google images but the image is on here... Looks like someone beat me to it : /
    17. Tracytron
      Wait I thought the sightings section was for like sightings of new figures? I found a third party mp astrotrain/blitzwing (I can't remember who it is)
    18. Tracytron
      Why won't it let me start a new thread on sightings? (Don't even ask for me to tell what it is before I create the thread this is MY new find lol)
    19. Tracytron
      Sry nevermind it's just glitched and says I've posted 2 of pretty much each one
    20. Tracytron
      I think my accounts hacked it says I've posted 20 things but I only remember posting like 9 : /
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