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One shall rise...

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Sep 27, 2016 at 8:55 PM
    1. PrimesRule
      Lolz just a hot babe pic I found while scanning the Internet.
    2. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Damn, I never knew that. BF3 for me is more of a team oriented game. I'm definatley not a team player. I still everyone's kills for myself:p
    3. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Ha I have a PS3 so I really don't play halo a lot but its pretty fun. Personally I play call of duty but battlefield beats it at graphics. I watched gameplay of multiplayer and it just looks boring compared to cod. Just not really intense as cod multiplayer.
    4. ShOcKwAvE1213
      That avatar makes me laugh so hard for some reason
    5. Runamuck
      Metroplex Primes, eh? I'd like to get in on that action next year, if there are any openings!
    6. Matt Booker
      Matt Booker
      Thanks for the comment about Leadfoot! Glad you liked it.

      I hope you enjoy Skids! Figured I'd post this on here in case you didn't see my follow up comment on my site.

      As for Skids’s backpack mod, I think it’s actually easier than the mod for the doors. I only did the door mod because so many people were complaining about them.

      The backpack mod makes a huge difference.


      The doors aren’t folded down in that picture in order to illustrate how much it changes him from a hollow ball to a much more solid robot.

      Hope that helps!

      ~Matt Booker
    7. $shockwave$
      oh thats a custom from one of my friends, I wish I had one, hopefully when I hit a wal mart today I will find one.
    8. grimlock58
      hay wanana be my freind
    9. NoleScream
      Cool beans Opt! Went to FSU, been in Tally ever since (1997). Love it here!
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