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Feb 17, 2007
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The Original Optimist!, 31

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Aug 14, 2018 at 3:45 AM
    1. Mal
      Cool. Any new finds?
    2. Ezilla82
      Wow, $425 for the all thing. Thats steep, but I don't have that kind of cash on me so sorry dude. But hey they are impressive. Wish the real WWE championship went back to normal than being a spinner, just my honest opinion.
    3. Ezilla82
      I just noticed that you're selling the World Heavyweight Championship and the old school WWE Championship. Now I want to know how much if you can if not well thats cool with me. Just pm me about that.
    4. Mal
      hey what's up?
    5. Zherbus
      I hit you back via PM. Sorry about that, I never even pay attention to the notifications thingy.
    6. Tyjos
      Sorry No Trading.

      I'm not doing any trading at all.
    7. Optimal Primus
      Optimal Primus
      So, you gonna take the deal?
    8. Surge
      I just had to stop by and say that your sig is so full of win. :D
    9. bariprime
      optimist, gotta ask a question. I joined the Steam group in your sig. I would like to know if there are people from TFW in that group. Thanks
    10. Mechafire
    11. Mechafire
      Hey, just to answer your question, the Megazord is a re-release of the original, with a few slight changes, and I'm pretty sure it's actually a bit taller than the original one.
    12. SydneyY
      Thank you for dropping by!
      Actually my native tongue is Japanese :)
      Instead my English grammar is lacking, a/the is also very confusing to me, and I'm unable to post without putting "though" in somewhere. (Because of my Japanese habit of saying "~kedo" all the time.)
    13. SydneyY
      Hi, thank you for the kind comment in the TakTom interview thread! Glad you enjoyed reading it :)
    14. Red Alert
      Red Alert
      That one is my custom Redline made for me.I do have botcon also though.
    15. Rodimus Mike
      Rodimus Mike
      Hey Optimist, sorry but no,I ended up trading most of the a while ago for some TF's.
      but if you want him I could knock a dollar off him since he's missing the key.LMK and
      thanks for writing.
    16. Poho
      looks pretty cool, whats it all about
    17. Poho
      sorry to say, no. i actually have no idea what that is, i just thought that picture looked cool lol.
    18. ORIO
      the wings pop off the legs and can attach to this back on the same style pegs! :) he becomes a parts former.
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