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Where's my Goddamn shoe!, from Hasbroland, Rhode Island

Hey, you're reading my profile page! Feb 8, 2017

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Oct 21, 2017 at 4:17 PM
    1. netkid
    2. TheDemonDzko
      Ands its also why people dont mess with dzko...because he cleans apartments >D
    3. Peaugh
      Not official. Derrick sent it to me for my Birthday today.
    4. unicron's blues
      unicron's blues
      True, I think the 07 with the movie coming out, the awesome toys, plus meeting Peter Cullen again makes it a hard act to follow. I'm going because well its Botcon, but the toys this year suck hard though, I think I'm going to sell mine and hopefully make a little profit, it's a nice thought anyways.
    5. netkid
      Heck no. I think it cuts into my finals.

      Besides, I'm not interested in the toys or the offerings this year.
      I mean, I have plenty of money to go, that's not an issue, but eh it's nothing like 2007.
      Even if they show a preview screening of the film, I'll wait and go see it in IMAX again for the full "Giant F***ing Robots!!!" experience.

      It was awesome to see it with a bunch of fellow fans, cheering with glee and in complete silence at every appropriate moment possible, but to see it on an IMAX screen just makes you notice such small things you normally miss completely on a regular screen. I could see beyond the jungle of plates, pistons, and inner gears...I could see WIRES, internal WIRES and things you would only now notice if watched on Blu-Ray. It was amazing. Especially when Brawl loses his arm, you see all the torn wires sticking out and letting off sparks. Crazy stuff.

      Plus, as you yourself know, nothing can top the sheer Peter Cullen awesomeness that was 2007.
    6. unicron's blues
      unicron's blues
      Hey I don't suppose you and your brother are going to be going to this year's Botcon are you?
    7. Nachtsider
      Attack Pack for the win. :rock
    8. jazz4ever
      WHOO go indy!!!!
    9. CheetahDC
      Hey, check your private messages. :3
    10. netkid
    11. Autobot-Girl
      I got inspired by your sig lol I'm currently drawing the Indy cast in animated style! I hope to post them when I'm done!
    12. netkid
      Wow. your are literally the 12 person to ask me this. Seriously, I'm not kidding!

      I did scale the images and added the Indiana Jones logo, but they are not my original artwork. Click the Sig for all the info you will ever need to know concerning it.


    13. Autobot-Girl
      Hey! I just saw your sig/avatar. Awesomeness! I love Indie! Did you make the sig?
    14. netkid
      Mike is collecting them. And so is my little cousin, who loves Transformers. So far, they both have Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Octane (Tankor). I've yet to buy into them.

      Mike was going to buy a Powerglide and Onslaught we saw at TARGET, but Powerglide's box was ripped up, and we weren't sure if Onslaughts electronics were messed up because his siren only sound with one "whoop" (even if you held down the button) and then immediately switched to his gunfire sound, which would continually repeat if you held down the button.
      It was a bit of a let down, since he really wants them, especially Onslaught.

      I bought a bunch of Exo-force LEGO sets at TARGET, while Mike bought his Octane and Prowl, but passed on the only Onslaught and Powerglide.

      Then he bought Sunstreaker at the Warwick ToysRus, and I passed on 2 Star Wars: Clone Wars toys because I wanted them, but one's paint could have been better, and the other was a ToysRus exclusive that cost $10, and it was just a clear blue ("holographic") General Grievous with no paint on him at all. Pretty boring if you ask me.

      Also, I just didn't feel like buying them right now.
      I'd rather spend my money on older LEGO sets (especially Exo-Force and Creator), video games, and Movie Transformers.
      All this new stuff can wait, and as far as Animated, well, it just seems to "kiddie-ish" and I just can't bring myself to buy a single Animated figure. But that may change with Animated Activators Optimus Prime.
    15. unicron's blues
      unicron's blues
      Yeah sounds kind of like here, they're just now starting to get in some Universe figures, are you collecting those at all? I've gotten some animated figs as well but really haven't messed with any of them yet.
    16. netkid
      LittleBig RI is okay. Nothing blah, nothing great. Pretty uneventful summer, except for good summer movies.
      New Transformers have been easy to find lately, but I honestly don't care for any animated stuff, even though I love the show.
      I've been buying more LEGOs than Transformers, and getting LEGOs at great prices too.
      Anything I wanted transformer wise (like a leader prime) is long gone, and so I've only been buying premiums and just patiently waiting to eventually buy Universe stuff.
      Star wars, 25th Joes, and video games have been my other purchases.
      Pretty soon I'll go check an upcoming toy show, see if I find any good stuff like older Transformers.
      That's basically it. The weather has also been shitty, but it's clearing up.
    17. unicron's blues
      unicron's blues
      Well, you just answered it, lol, its pretty uneventful, hows the big RI?
    18. netkid
      Hey! How's it going?

      Yeah, the Rhode Islanders are starting to trickle out around here. Good to see some local representation.
    19. Sky Shark
      Sky Shark
      Hey dude, just thought I'd say hi. Its cool another Rhode Islander on TFW, that brings our count up to wat probably 6-10?
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    We are always collecting, buying, trading, and selling. So if you have anything to trade or sell, let us know!