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Where's my Goddamn shoe!, from Hasbroland, Rhode Island

Hey, you're reading my profile page! Feb 8, 2017

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Oct 21, 2017 at 4:17 PM
    1. workhog59
      i got the chicken hat how much you wondering on paying :o
    2. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      haha it is an internet meme named chubby bubbles
    3. Tyrannosaur
      None of those either. I wish we did I would have snatched one up in a heartbeat :lol
    4. Tyrannosaur
      I checked for you, sorry we don't have it. Usually we get a new shipment of a certian toy brand once the figures of that brand we have in stock sell. Usually the Power Rangers figures go the quickest so I'll check again in a week or two to see if we got any new ones. I'll keep you updated my friend :)
    5. Tyrannosaur
      I've only gotten in trouble once since I started. There's a rule that your drawer can't be short more than $5. I was new and in the first month my draw kept coming up short, sometimes $6, other times atleast $20 They got it all sorted out though. There was an error when I was voiding a product out of a customer's purchase, and people usually try to swindle you more and more as Christmas comes closer.

      All in all, it's a good job. I have a good boss, I work eight hours and make around $58 a week. I just wish I don't have to put up with so many asshole customers. One time time some fat chick bitched at me because she didn't save a quarter on a purchase over thirty dollars. She used a crap-load of coupons and I guess for certian products you can only use a limited number of them or something like that as my manager explained to me.

      After her whining for five minutes, I opened my wallet, gave her a quarter, and told her to get out of my god damn store. I have the patience of a saint and rarely get yelled at, but when I do and it continues on for a long time I can't put up with it and just flip out. Funny thing is, old people are the nicest customers I have. Even people who smoke too. They like it when you remember what cigarrettes they always get and know exactly where they are on the shelf.
    6. Tyrannosaur
      Honestly I don't think they mind or care. I let my parents use my employee discount when they buy something, though I have to be present.

      But sure I'll keep a lookout for it, no problem :wink:
    7. Tyrannosaur
      Yeah we carry Power Rangers figures. I'm going on Thursday to pick up my paycheck, I'll check to see if they have it. If they do, stop by Sunday and I'll give you employee discount for it which is 15% off. Usually the prices for figures are a bit higher (between 11-15) so you'll end up saving a bit less than what you'd pay for in a store like Walmart or Target.

      I might have an extra $2 off, $5 off etc. coupon on hand too. Really comes in handy when buying figures. I bought Soundwave there for only $5. Score! :D
    8. Tyrannosaur
      Say have you been to The Toy Vault recently in the RI mall? I think they have a Grandus there last time I went. Hope the still have it :D
    9. netkid
    10. netkid
      April 29th-May 2nd.

      International G.I. Joe Collectors' Convention - GIJoeCon 2010!
    11. unicron's blues
      unicron's blues
      Eh probably can't this year, I went to last years and it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, plus as much as i want to go to Floriday again, I really have no desire to do Disney World, I'm thinking I might get a non attendee set but am not sure just yet. When is Joecon by the way?
    12. netkid
    13. Brawlastator
      Acguy head, to be precise.
    14. chrisr291
      So you are looking for Gameboy games right? Not DS or anything like that? I'll take a look next time i'm there.
    15. chrisr291
      I never really look for any gameboy stuff, if you want I can. ANything in-particular?
    16. netkid
    17. Sangron
      robbie rotten from lazytown is my avatar
    18. Darkravager
      Thanks for your help on getting Greymon to digivolve!
    19. netkid
      *(see below post)

      Wow that's cool! They're all so great! What a great idea to set a photo shoot around.

      They should do more like that. I'd love to see what they could do with Harrison Ford or James Earl Jones.
    20. red4
      I got it from It doesn't hint to a new movie; what they did is they got a bunch of celebrities and put them in stylized versions of their most famous roles. It's really awesome. Here, take a look: The 20th Birthday Portfolio
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    My brother and I have been locally collecting and selling toys, collectibles, comics, video games, movies, music, books, and other pop culture items for over twenty years.

    My brother mainly deals with items from the late 1960's to the early 1990's, while I deal in items from the early 1990's to present day. Our main focus is boy's toys and video games. We primarily collect and sell toys from America and Japan. We only deal in video games and systems from America.

    We are always collecting, buying, trading, and selling. So if you have anything to trade or sell, let us know!