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Where's my Goddamn shoe!, from Hasbroland, Rhode Island

Hey, you're reading my profile page! Feb 8, 2017

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Oct 17, 2017 at 2:41 AM
    1. FanimusMaximus
    2. Gen1
      The TF3 BK promotion dropped today! The team is happy to see it in restaurants and hope people dig it! Here is a link to see a 3D pic. of the entire collection created by one of the designers Jack Rossi.

      ...IrrEleVant + TomFoOlery...
    3. bigkid78
      i love the whole unicron idea. you could go so many differnt ways with him and the hell of it is some of the guys on here could write a better story than the ones writting the movies now! just the whole thought of a being emotionless no reguard for anyting else but himself. you could get a touching moment for the transformers when they find out the only reason they exist is to power unicron
    4. aey103
      I'll take a look next time I am there but since that post that Wal-Mart has begun a major renovation and the clearance aisle were I spotted them has been totaly revamped. I'll let you know though and see if I can hook you up.
    5. QuinJester
      They were originally slated for "Fall", which considering the Japanese announcement release schedule is currently on August, I would imagine means they'll be officially announced in the next couple of months for a September or October delivery.
    6. QuinJester
      æµ·æ´‹å*‚ - 特撮Revoltech 怪ç¸å…¬å¸ 毛毛 & 大眼仔, 朱羅紀公園 T-REX - CYBERGUNDAM BLOG - Cybergundam - Yahoo! BLOG

      (T-rex coming August)
    7. slugslinger2004
      They're from Takara's Brave series, Brave Command Dagwon. They're more like Power Rangers, as these guys "pilot" the DX robots.
    8. Deceptigtar
      its about my distaste for autobots of course :)

      search youtube for baby trashes bar. its from a independent short film coming out called Las Palmas.
    9. chrisr291
    10. Snake_eyes1975
      yep. I make alot of custom joes, won alot of contests too. my Battle armor serpentor, and captain grid iron won some..I focus on making armor and equipment removable..thanks for askin man!

      Figures Snake Eyes1975's CAPTAIN GRID-IRON!!!! - - G.I. Joe

      Snake_Eyes1975 Colonel Courage!!!! - - G.I. Joe

      Snake_Eyes1975 Colonel Courage!!!! - - G.I. Joe

      Snake_Eyes1975's Crimson Battle Armor - - G.I. Joe

      SNAKE_EYES1975's 25th STARVIPER!!! - - G.I. Joe

      BATTLE ARMOR SERPENTOR!! Snake eyes 1975 - - G.I. Joe

      CUSTOM Mobile Command Center - - G.I. Joe
    11. megamus
      thanks for the link. The good news, its a fairly rare Knockoff, more good news, it looks to be in pretty good shape considering if you put any pressure on them they will break, and the BEST NEWS I already have one. I agree it's too rich for my blood. thanks for looking out for me and if you see any others hit me up
    12. netkid
      Tankor? Seriously? Damn.
    13. TFcollecterguy
      What is offensive about the name is that in the UK it refers to ******ed people. Obviously it has a completely different meaning in the US. As it has NOTHING to do with being mentally handicapped.
    14. CharmedSerenity
    15. SPLIT LIP
      I do live in Canada, and unforunately I can't help you find any of those items. My local Wal Mart is a wastelandwhen it comes to LEGO sadly, and Canada hasn't gotten Power Rangers stuff for years. And I know for a fact we missed the last waves of 2009 Transformers. :(

      And thanks for the consession! :D
    16. SoundMaster
      It's from Lake George NY, in the dungeon area of Fort William Henry. It was in one of the prison cells.
    17. TornadoQuakeX
      There was one HA Barricade at Peabody TRU last I checked. It might still be there.
    18. Tyrannosaur
      I can't find the new Ratchet, Lockdown, or Brawn ANYWHERE!!!

      Are there any damn stores in RI that have them? I've checked Walmart, Toys R' Us, and Target in Warwick, they don't have them. I've checked Cranston Walmart, Smithfield Target, the only ones I haven't checked are the super walmarts around here.

      Are they even released yet? I've went to a few stores in Newport and Warwick and they had them there but they're $20! Damn scalpers :mad
    19. Rewind
      That is the VF-19 from Macross 7. More specifically it's the 1/100 toy made last year by Bandai. 1/100 VF HI-METAL VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie
    20. workhog59
      good condition. i live in wisconsin so i have to check shipping rates to you if your interested.
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