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Where's my Goddamn shoe!, from Hasbroland, Rhode Island

Hey, you're reading my profile page! Feb 8, 2017

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Oct 17, 2017 at 2:41 AM
    1. Vangelus
      I don't recall the specifics, but it's just 1 Pheyden with 2-4 Axis Joint and Phase Arm/Gobon sets.
    2. Metal Chaos
      Metal Chaos
      Naruto in 4 Tails mode.
    3. dkr7
      It's a piece of concept artwork from an artist over at deviantart
    4. Obsidian X
      Obsidian X
      It's Robot Bastard. The main character in a silly little short film with the same name. He is a special agent on a rescue mission in the future.
      ROBOT BASTARD! - A Film By Rob Schrab creator of Scud The Disposable Assassin
    5. kylash327
      its from Robocop Ultra Police
    6. Kylehudson14
      6-11 p.m.?
      Est. I hope. Ill get on at 8:30. I guess Ill create a match :)
    7. The621
      Pokemon 731 - YouTube

      This... Read the first youtube comment you see...
    8. UltraAlanMagnus
    9. Kando
      Hah! I'll whip something up with that soon.
    10. Thinktank
      It is a UK exclusive "mini vehicle" of the updated tank from Tron:Legacy.
      The head-shot avatar is the Dorvack VV-54A: ÌØ×°»ú±ø/ÈýÒ»Î޵РCMs Brave 21X VV-54A Calibur Á¿²ú»ú|¸ß´ïÓë»úÆ÷ÈË×ÛºÏÌÖÂÛÇø - ACÄ£ÍæÍø - ÖÐÎÄÊÀ½ç×î´óµÄ±äÐνð¸ÕÍøÂçÉçÇø - ACÄ£ÍæÍø - ÖÐÎÄÊÀ½ç×î´óµÄ±äÐνð¸ÕÍøÂçÉçÇø
    11. Creaky
      Ainsley Harriott - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      British TV chef whose facial expressions in photos are hilarious.
    12. ironjazz
    13. ironjazz
      merry christmas
    14. Falconhood
      i think it's a Bakugan character...or ....i can't recall. He reminds me of Shogun Warriors.
    15. Tyrannosaur
      Derrick J Wyatt posted it on his Facebook page earlier today XD literally laughed my ass off.
    16. Tyrannosaur
      That reminds me, I have been spotting tons of roadkill lately. Highways, city roads, backroads, anywhere. Hell, even on sidewalks.

      This has made me wonder, either A. animal control has been slacking or it's workforce has been downsized, or B. the local animal population is mating like crazy, increasing their numbers and becoming more victims of roadkill.

      And it's hasn't been just one type of animal. Oh no, I've seen squirrels, cats, possums, dogs, chipmunks, birds, swans (yes, big white swans), racoons, wild/feral cats, mice/rats, fisher cats, foxes, etc.
      It seems I'm not the only one that noticed :lol

      Seriously, what the hell is it with all the dead animals on the highways? On the exit ramp that leads to Warwick mall I saw the mangled body of a fox on the side of the road, head smashed open and everything. Ew. Also I can't drive on plainfield pike without coming across dead raccoons and possums.

      I think the animals in RI somehow came across the video game Frogger.
    17. raymond14
      I have talos with picture
      for the other I have to comeback to the store
      and with the base like set-up
      all items are MISB and untouched
      i will include the dust that they are covered in if anyone wants haha
    18. xaviercal
      there are available at KOTOYS.COM
    19. Gingerchris
      Hi. It's the Dai-X from early '80s puppet sci-fi show Star Fleet (not to be confused with Star Trek Star Fleet). It's a robot made from three combined space ships. I believe it pre-dates Transformers by a year and without it I would've probably not got into TF. Google Star Fleet and you'll find some pretty cool info on the show, as well as videos on Youtube. It has brilliant opening and closing music/songs. The full series came to DVD in the UK a few years ago. :)
    20. G1Prowl
      Boulder Hill-I know it's missing the boulder at least, have to check to make sure what else is missing. I have the box.
      Thunderhawk-I know it's missing one bomb.
      Gator-Seems all there
      Firecracker-Think it's missing some stuff
      Condor-I think the driver is missing
      Rhino-Not sure what all's missing
      That blue 57 Chevy-Think this one's complete

      Have a bunch of comics and instructions, including instructions and figure to Volcano, though no vehicle. I'll get pics later if you're interested.
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    My brother and I have been locally collecting and selling toys, collectibles, comics, video games, movies, music, books, and other pop culture items for over twenty years.

    My brother mainly deals with items from the late 1960's to the early 1990's, while I deal in items from the early 1990's to present day. Our main focus is boy's toys and video games. We primarily collect and sell toys from America and Japan. We only deal in video games and systems from America.

    We are always collecting, buying, trading, and selling. So if you have anything to trade or sell, let us know!