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    1. Red leader
      Red leader
      Hey ash it's always been that way just have to enforce it now with the vat increase, you have a lot of stuff on separate order a in stock dude, you want me to put a bundle together and send it out to you ? With regard to ordering you can put stuff together if you don't want it to ship straight away
    2. process
    3. Recall
      Great to hear from another local :D
    4. chrisr291
      Agreed.... its just rude. I'll be honest, I half ass post lol. I'm watching TV, playing with the dog, tfw never has 100% of my attention. So, I'm going to misspell words, use the wrong form of (there, their, to, too), and leave out some punctuation. I don't know if you do this but when I post on forums, my messages are typed the way i'd say them. Which is dangerous when you're in college but i'm not anymore so who cares right lol!
    5. chrisr291
      I'm just tired of it. I don't know if that message was suppose to be a dig on me but I'm done.
    6. chrisr291
      glad I could help......
    7. chrisr291
      Thanks, scourge looks awesome! I might have to pick this up
    8. chrisr291
      I think it was 70 shipped? i got it when it was first released however
    9. chrisr291
      Its not very expensive man, I would pick up the Henkei. The KO is going to cost you about the same... pm bodhar2000, he could probably hook you up with one.
    10. chrisr291
      Which one? I have the MP and Henkei Ghost Starsreams... they are both pretty awesome in my opinion. The KO Prime is good, no complaints.. just wish it was the real thing. The smashed in face bugs me lol
    11. chrisr291
      yeah who knows, the tf universe doesn't have any green cars. I can't remember but was Kup green? I thought he was a grayish/Blue?
    12. chrisr291
      Ah ok, so what do you think? The green car is Kup?
    13. chrisr291
    14. chrisr291
      I don't know... I already have Thrust/Dirge so i'm not going to buy the Hasbro Versions. Prime is the only one I have and he is pretty sweet! Did you get any yet?
    15. spikex
      Hi, just got home from work yesterday! I am off until the fourth so i will be relaxing quite a while before I get back on the hammer. I opened up cyclonus and found him in perfect shape. Thank you for the smooth transaction bro! I hope school is going good, work is coming along great. I made #1 apprentice out there and I have a union delegate eyeing me up to do some writing for the union which is sweet! If you give me a link for some feedback I will be sure to put something good in there for ya!
    16. spikex
      Cool look forward to recieving it. Work is good, but I got up here and found out that were not getting 24 days on 4 days off. Instead were getting 12 on 2off which means I'll have to fly down to Edmonton and back every second weekend. Good thing they have an airport on site. Thx bro.
    17. spikex
      Hey how is it going. Just on my second day of scaffolding up north for 24 days at a time. It's pretty crazy up here. I believe we have a deal, just have to wait two or three more days for a transfer into paypal clears and I will pm you with my mailing adress after I make payment to you. Shouldn't be too long. How is school treating ya?
    18. spikex
      Ya, me and the daughter play with them all the time, what's the point of having tfs if you don't? But for me the idea of a mint misb g1 is a beautiful thing. If I hold onto it for a few years I should make a nice profit. As far as I can tell it is legit according to that thread about how to tell ko's from authentic.
    19. spikex
      There is a misb g1 hound in Edmonton here that I will pick up after my first hitch. It's going for $400 but I think I can talk her down to $300. Probably the mintiest g1 box I have seen. It looks like it just came off the shelves from back in the '80's
    20. spikex
      Lol Sounds like your gonna have to work your butt off next semester tho. Ah well enjoy the time you have now right? As for me it sounds like I might be headed up to fort macmurray for work. I will be doing 24 days on 4 days off, I don't really want to but I will be bringing home about $8000 a month after taxes so I guess it's worth it.
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    WTB:loose sonic bomber, grandus, metal hawk, road ceaser chest plate + accesories or ko's