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Another Servant of Taka Ratomy and the Third Party Oct 8, 2017

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Viewing thread KO MP-13/MP-13B Masterpiece Soundwave/Soundblaster, Oct 17, 2017 at 3:36 PM
    1. Necrobot
      Another Servant of Taka Ratomy and the Third Party
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    Greetings TFW2005 Community!

    I am Necrobot, a hybrid made of atomic sorcery. I corrode all with the cancer of molecular oxidation.

    But I was not always this creature before you...

    Bitten by the parasitic drain that is the acquisition of nostalgic collectables, I have drained bank accounts, de-stabilized developing nations, sacrificed the blood of virgin goats, bent the very fabric of space and time... all to acquire these trinkets of plastic, rubber and die-cast.

    And with the passage of time, so changed had I become, that no longer did I recognize the creature that stared back in the reflection.

    Fused with petroleum byproducts, and a metallic alloy, constructed by the underpaid servants of Taka Ratomy, and the Third Party, I had become Necrobot.