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Oct 15, 2017 at 10:06 PM
Mar 29, 2003
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YES, We EXIST!, Female, from The best, the Pacific Northwest!

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Oct 15, 2017 at 10:06 PM
    1. Long_Haul
      Trying to Sell figs, so you collect huh? how long?
    2. Long_Haul
      Whats up Mommycon? lol
    3. moreprimeland
      Gonna log off now, must do the nitey-nites thingy...take care, ttus!!
    4. moreprimeland
      Glad you're able to help Madeline..but sorry she can't go outside anymore..Screamer doesn't get to "roam" the way she used to either..she's pretty much a deck cat..thankfully the deck is a 2nd story one with steps to the ground level.. She goes down and sniffs around a little then mostly just lays in the sun..the 100* sun..but you know the kitties..they loooooveeee the heat :thumb Your doggie pic was soooo sweet hopefully you'll hear something from them and at least get the notecards.
    5. moreprimeland
      Dial up? OMGoodness, yep, that will take awhile for sure..Screamer is laying on my arms while I'm typing...much slower I must add..:lol...anyway..funny you should say..Let it out..I kinda did today..just a mini meltdown then I was ok..think there was a ton of pent up anger and sadness that just came to the top today...of course cutting my hand twice on the shower door while cleaning didn't help..ouch!! How's the animals and any word on the note cards yet?
    6. moreprimeland
      Geeeezzz!!!...going on your 2nd week?, my friend, you did assaulted over there, maybe I won't ever go back...sorry you're having such a time..I know it sucks :(
    7. moreprimeland
      Sorry to hear you got a bad bug this time.. It took about a week or so to kill the last one I picked up from of the reasons I don't visit over there much..just a couple of our LG members and that's it..but I don't stay long when I'm there either..hope you have everything backed up and your files will be ok.. As for me, ehhh, some bad moments, but as long as I keep busy and don't have to do the "business" of their passing, I'm ok. I talk to anybody I can find when I'm having a helps.. thanks for checking :D
    8. moreprimeland
      Just checking...all your "bugs" been killed...everything safe again??
    9. Dogcatcher2009
      Work overload. This is the silly season, when we all scramble to get out in the field and get roads GPS'd. I am going out next week with a coworker who couldn't find someone to go out with him.

      I will be doing the jobhunt thing myself pretty soon. I am writing my resume and hoping that it flies...
    10. Dogcatcher2009
      Hey Moony, just dropped by to say helllo! How are things with you?
    11. moreprimeland
      Hope you have a better day in here today..I left ya a couple of comments in the LG :D
    12. Dogcatcher2009
      Hey, Moony, just got your message. I have been out all day with family. Nice, and now I have a painting event to go to tomorrow. Hope all is well with you and you got your CafePress up and running.
    13. Dogcatcher2009
      Hey, Moony, just a note to say hello and hope that your day has been good.
    14. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      Your common sense is golden. Appreciate all the good advice you've given people.
      Stay forever & don't change.
    15. Moonscream
      He was. I've been kinda busy today so not been responding as much as I would normally...
    16. moreprimeland
      Just saw the pictures of Mook, awwwww, what a sweetie he would have been :rip
      BTW I just posted a pic of my Screamer..she's my baby girl...
    17. Spartan Prime
      Spartan Prime
      Hey yo. Despite my best efforts, I missed out on the TF:A score. I don't reckon there's anyway I might be able to snag them from you is there?
    18. Nez Pierce
      Nez Pierce
      I love your avatar...
    19. bandron
      Dropping by to say howdy.
    20. jackets
      be my friend?
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