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Mar 29, 2003
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YES, We EXIST!, Female, from The best, the Pacific Northwest!

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Oct 15, 2017 at 10:06 PM
    1. prowler13
      I get you being sick of family. My parents have been painting the inside of my house for the last year and I thought they were finally done. There was just my room and bathroom left and I just didn't feel like painting them. I gave in to the bathroom getting painted, but changed my mind. Well they bought the paint before I could tell them not to worry about doing it. So I put it off the last two weekends since I wasn't feeling good. I finally got around to cleaning my bathroom to get it ready for paint. You know all the extra stuff like dust off the blinds clean the baseboards and super clean the shower stall. My shower stall in a pain the ass to clean for some reason. But I wanted to have it sparkling so I wouldn't hear some crap about it. With my arthritis it is not one of my fav activities. So I spent about 3 or so hrs cleaning it. Was happy with my work, but was dead tired and sore after. I still had to clean my 2 fish tanks too since I had put those off cause I was sick. The big one takes about an hour and the small one takes about 15 min. The longest part is filling it back up again I take out about 5 gal of water and then use two vases to refill it. I find it easier to use the vases since I can control the water flow and not mess up the rocks and stuff at the bottom. So anyways I did that after a quick lunch. Cleaned up, picked up the kids, fought with my first grader over his hw, he just didn't want to do it. Made dinner then pooped out on the couch. Later my parents called, talked to the kids then my dad said he didn't feel like painting this weekend. I nearly died. I was so pissed. I know the bathroom had to be cleaned anyways, but I would not have worked myself to death getting it ready for nothing. Today I feel like crap and I will feel that way for a few days too. I would really like to have a day away and all to my self.
    2. prowler13
      Happy Valentine's Day. I'm not too into the day, but I celebrate it for the kids. I got them some toys. Didn't get the husband anything. He's too tough to buy for. He may be hurt, but too bad. I didn't get anything either. Tho I told him not too, he finally complied after 12 years. :lol
      How was puppy sitting? I hope they behaved for you. It must be nice to be back with Madeline instead.
    3. prowler13
      How was your weekend? Ours was freaking cold. We have been spoiled this winter. It was close to freezing the last two nights. I'm suffering from a sinus infection right now. I know they say you can't get sick from the cold weather, but I swear it made me sick. I wasn't feeling too good on Friday, like I had a small cold. Sat I was fine. I went out for dinner Sat night for my birthday and it was cold and windy. Well I hate long sleeves,so I wore a short sleeve sweater and pants, but still froze my tuckus off. Then I wake up Sunday feeling like crap. I blame it on the weather. Stupid winter.
    4. prowler13
      I'm always confused on who those carries, planes and such belong to. My hubby is always correcting me and making fun of me. I'm actually afraid of flying. I don't like being up in the air like that. Who knows maybe going super fast would be different. I do love rollercoasters.
    5. prowler13
      Well at least your job was a relatively safe one. I just love watching people land and take off of the Carriers. It just amazes me that they can do that. Glad to hear that your doc apt went well. Now you can rest at home and cuddle with Maddy.
    6. prowler13
      That's cool about being in the Air Force. Were you a pilot? How's the doc stuff going? Have they found you any new answers? I'm glad that you are doing better, it really sucks when medical problems crop up and turn our lives upside down. How's Madeline doing these days? I hope she is feeling better.
    7. prowler13
      Sorry to hear about your mini strokes, migraines and other problems. At least it wasn't one of those terrible strokes that totally crush a person's life, tho no stroke is good. For the most part it sounds like you can get around pretty good since you were able to take your kitty to the country vet and all. It makes my stupid arthritis seem stupid to complain about. :o I'm glad that the VA docs are seeking outside help for you. Hopefully they can find something that will help you.
      Since you go to see the docs at the VA are you retired from the services or are you still an active member? What kind of work did you do in the armed services? Me, I'm just a lowly housewife. I was a pharmacy tech while I was going to school, then when we moved from Gainesville to Orlando once my husband finished his residency and got a job here I stopped working. I haven't worked now for 13 years and doubt I would be any good at much if I went back. I got my BS in History so there is nothing I can do with that degree and medicine has changed so much that I would have so much to catch up on if I went back to the pharmacy. That's ok, I like staying home anyways.
      I hope you get to feeling better.
    8. prowler13
      I read your post on the ladies group page. I didn't know you were feeling ill. My thoughts are with you and hope you can find someone who can help you. I've got a rare arthritis called chronic parvovirus arthritis that is a viral arthritis that I actually got when my kids got the parvo rash a couple years ago. I take so many pills a day to help with the joint pain and fibromyalgia that comes with it. Even then it just makes me semi-functional, so I know it can be frustrating to find someone who can help you. There is a way to make it go away for good, but it is experimental so not many people will do it and insurance won't cover it. Since it is viral it just travels through my system all the time and I've read studies where people who have had 5 days of Immuogloblin transfers never had symptoms again even years later. It just sucks that there is a way to make me better, but I can't get it done. Well now that the rant is over. I hope you start feeling better.
    9. Moonscream
      Because of aggressiveness. Malamutes are also on the list, as are pits, German Shepherds, Rotties, Presa Canarios, Akitas and some others. It also varies between companies, some have put Collies and Boxers on their lists of 'we won't insure/will make them pay more' breeds, despite neither breed having a record of being aggressive.
    10. prowler13
      I was unaware about the huskies causing an iinsurance increase. Do you know why? Every morn I see a lady walking her 2 huskies and I just love looking at them.
    11. prowler13
      I added some pics to my album area and you just have to see the Vader playing his 3DS. My oldest love loves loves star wars and I saw him dressed in full Vader garb playing on his 3ds so I just had to take his pic. It was so funny.
    12. prowler13
      It's tough watching dogs. You have to walk them and stuff. Maybe if you could train them to use the litter box then I would get one. I really like Siberian huskies. I think it is a little hot here for them tho. I just love how thick their fur is. They look so fluffy and soft to pet. Not to mention those piercing blue eyes.
    13. prowler13
      I read about what is going on with your friend and his step-son. I hope everything turns out alright, and he is able to get the help he needs. Be careful to not get too involved so nothing happens to you or your family.
      Good luck with the Pugs. Do they have to stay with you or are you close enough to your sister to visit them? I don't know what Otto would do if there was a hyper little dog staying here.
    14. Moonscream
      Nah, that's in a couple weeks. Not looking forward to is well behaved, but the other isn't and is a hyper attention whore who Must Be Touching At All Times! to boot, plus I've been asked to stay at my parents' house overnight with them. Ugh.
    15. prowler13
      So how goes Pug sitting? When you said you were watching your sister's Pugs, I had to laugh. A few years ago I was walking my oldest to school (since we live across from his school), and a neighbors Pug "chased" him. He freaked out and tried to climb me like I was a tree. At the time it wasn't funny, but now I laugh when I think about it. To this day he is scared of dogs no matter what they are.
    16. prowler13
      I got his tree from the Drs. Foster and Smith catalog when he was just a couple of years old it has held up great. I know what you mean about the price of those stupid things, they are expensive. All I've had to do it re-wrap the posts with new rope and vacuum his hair off every now and then. My kids stand on the roof and jump off it and it never has cracked or anything. Well worth the money. He actually likes to sleep on my bed most of the time, but when he uses it he looks cute in there.
    17. prowler13
      It makes me so sad to hear about people who treat their animals poorly. At least she has a good home now. Here are a couple pics of Otto. Sorry if the pics are big, I'm still figuring out how iphoto works
    18. prowler13
      Sorry I hit a button by mistake while being distracted by my 4yr old, and I think I asked you to be a friend twice. Excuse the stupidity.
    19. prowler13
      So how's your Friday been? Good I hope. It's one of those lazy, rainy days here. I'm glad it's Friday cause I don't think I have the motivation to help my boys with their homework today.

      How's madeline been doing? I've actually never had an elderly animal before. Until Otto, all my cat's have been outdoor/indoor, I guess that's what my parents wanted and they never lived too long. :( He was the first cat I got on my own and decided to make him an indoor one cause I hear they live longer. Do you live somewhere in the NW? I saw the weather was real bad there last week and thought maybe that was were you were at since the weather was too poor to take her to the vet. Whenever Otto has to go to the great kitty playground in the sky, I want I get two kittens that are black and white and name them Jazz and Prowl. I wish I could show you guys a pic of him, but unless I put it in my sig I can't have an album.
    20. Autobus Prime
      Autobus Prime
      Merry Christmas, I hope! Feeling a bit better?
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