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Oct 17, 2017 at 10:44 PM
Mar 29, 2003
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YES, We EXIST!, Female, from The best, the Pacific Northwest!

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Oct 17, 2017 at 10:44 PM
    1. AshleyCuadra
      Hey moonscream
    2. AshleyCuadra
      Ok friend night and i did post it in the group
    3. AshleyCuadra
      How are you friend
    4. AshleyCuadra
      Hello friend
    5. moreprimeland
      Hey there, you doing ok? Just haven't seen you in the LG lately. Hope things are going well for you..your health, moving, etc. Take care of yourself. :)
    6. moreprimeland
      Girl, I got a notice from LJ and I just haven't logged on anywhere... but hope you had a very nice birthday---sorry I'm late in wishing you one.
    7. OptimussSTAR
      We did not have kids, I can't have children. my mom has been there for me I actually moved back in with her because of some other issues which happened.
      It was hard very hard, a few of my friends have been very supportive too
      I am very sorry you went through that as well.
    8. OptimussSTAR
      thank you for what you said in the group, it meant a lot
    9. Vexwing
      Hey there fellow Washingtonian!
    10. tfparcee
      Thanks for the add :D
    11. prowler13
      Hey I haven't heard from you in a while and was just wanting to make sure things were doing ok with you.
    12. prowler13
      You seem very knowledgeable on animals, so I'm sure that you can fix Madeline.

      It's alright here. I tried to start running again and I think I tore my calf muscle. That's what I guess for going all out after 2 yrs of rest. Stupid arthritis.
    13. prowler13
      Hey. So how have you and madeline been doing lately? I hope you are two are doing better. Things here have been the same as always. Boring and dull.
    14. prowler13
      Happy bleated birthday. Sorry I missed it, I've been out of sorts lately. Hope your doing good.
    15. moreprimeland
      I missed the deadline, but :bday anyway.. Hope you're feeling better. :D
    16. prowler13
      Glad to hear the shingles went away. I got that after having my third boy. My body didn't handle the last c-section to well and it must of pissed off the shingles activation code. Mine wasn't as painful as most people. I just had to be extra careful when handling my newborn. Kids get the chickenpox shot around 1yrs of age, so I did not want him getting the chicken pox from my shingles at such a young age. Then my husband got it last summer. It's quite the pain in the ass, isn't it?
    17. prowler13
      We had his hearing checked last year, so it like a mystery. Hope some of it gets solved tomorrow.
    18. prowler13
      How's it been going lately? Things here are so so. I'm taking my youngest to the speech therapist tomorrow. He's 4 and you really can't understand him. I can, but not too many others can. For some reason he didn't talk till he was 3 and now he seems to have an articulation problem. It has to get cleared up before he starts pre-k next year. Hopefully it won't take too many secessions. The place is far away and its not cheap. He seems to have caused me the most problems. He was born a couple weeks early he was super jaundiced, he needed an echo done when he was a newborn to check out his heart mummur, when he was older he needed a hip x-ray to make sure he leg wasn't dislocated, now the speech thing. I swear I should have stopped at two. :P
    19. prowler13
      Man, you are so knowledgeable about cats. You should be a vet. I know who to ask if I have kitty questions.
      Sorry to hear your having trouble with the palsy right now. Any doctor appts this week or are they all next week?
    20. prowler13
      My fish tanks are only 16 gal and 4 gal I'll attach pics. I got the small 4 gal one to house my babies when my platies first started having babies, but I was never able to catch the babies so I just but one fish in there instead. Most of the fish in the 16gal one now are my grown up babies. There are actually too many males in there so I haven't had any babies in a while. They say keep a two female to one male ratio. I need to go out and buy some new females, I love how cute the babies are. :) I would love to have a big saltwater tank. I want it to be made from acrylic like my others tho, so I guess I would have to order it on line. The pet stores seem to only have glass tanks. I don't know if the Python would attach to the sink faucet or not since we have one of those fancy faucets.
      I understand about wanting to leave Facebook. I have never signed up to it since there is no one who I could see wanting to hook up with after all these years. Anyone I "need" to know has my email and phone number to contact me. If not oh well you can live through my parents who do have a Facebook page. I've heard of so many problems over the years with people getting upset cause they are not "liked".
      Hope you have a better week than the last couple have been.
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