Jul 22, 2007
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Shut your damn mouth., Male

    1. eltonlin98
      Just stumbled across NC's review of Duck Tales and finally understood the profile picture. Holy hell, Disney XD might have compacted gold like Motorcity and Tron: Uprising, but damn is it dominating the cartoons TV sector right now, miles more than Cartoon Network
      1. MnemonicSyntax
        Who is NC?
        Sep 10, 2017
      2. eltonlin98
        Nostalgia Critic
        Sep 10, 2017
    2. Diend Prime
      Diend Prime
      Sup Mike. Just stopping by to say hello. Been a long time, hope all is well.
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      2. MnemonicSyntax
        Wow dude! Congrats! Welcome to parenthood!

        I'm finishing up my last year at college starting this Fall and uh... getting fat. lol
        Aug 3, 2017
      3. Diend Prime
        Diend Prime
        Thanks man! Being a dad is incredible.

        Good luck on your last year. What's your degree in?
        Aug 3, 2017
      4. MnemonicSyntax
        Information Systems with a Minor in Technical Writing. I did an internship with NASA about a year ago as a tech writer and found it to be quite enjoyable. Great pay, easy money. Can't go wrong really.
        Aug 3, 2017
    3. captain N
      captain N
      Stop telling me how to write. Don't reply to things i say on here any more. I can care less what you think.
      1. MnemonicSyntax
        So you can care less? How much more can you care?
        May 9, 2017
    4. TrueHeresy
      Wanted to thank you for the thread recommendation and also to complement the signature. As a brit, the - interesting - cockney accent in Syndicate still sting sometimes, but in a way that's hilarious to be reminded of. So, thanks again :)
    5. Blurrz
      Your sig is brilliant.
    6. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      I don't understand your sig in the slightest but everytime I see I can't help but burst out laughing.
    7. FanimusMaximus
      Imagine if they were actually a bunch of Rooks.
    8. FanimusMaximus
      Heh, nice sig.
    9. idkwdya
      Hey there! I have an original Navvy head that is in good condition that I don't need.
    10. Jus09
      If not, that's totally cool.
    11. Jus09
      Fair enough. Besides, I was also wondering if we could share some ideas. Since I noticed a friend of yours was doing TV work, and I found this really interesting forum about a possible Live Action Transformers series.
    12. Jus09
      That one forum where that guy with a batman logo complained about the likelihood of Transformers 5 being a bomb, and than I brought up the Planet of the Apes Movie as a counterargument for the 'money' argument some not-very-bright Movie fanatics kept bringing up. My point being that, while I may not like the movies, I wasn't acting civil about my views.
    13. Jus09
      Just thought I might drop by, y'know. And apologise for acting like a complete douche on one of the forums.
    14. Jus09
    15. MnemonicSyntax
      TV? Nice! That's awesome man. You like it?
    16. Diend Prime
      Diend Prime
      Working in TV these days, still collecting toys. Life is grand.
    17. Diend Prime
      Diend Prime
      not much, man, how's things?
    18. Diend Prime
      Diend Prime
      Hey Mike, long time no talk!
    19. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      I'm not in Choctaw, but an even smaller town near it. I just say around Choctaw because at least some people have heard of it. :)
    20. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      Around Choctaw.
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