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Dec 18, 2018 at 3:09 PM
    1. GoLion
      Your sig pic makes me watch Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla 2 way too much. lmao.
    2. Rattrap Primal
      Rattrap Primal
      Sorry to hear that
    3. MekaGojira3k
      It's going to continue, a lot of it is shot. My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and I helped take care of him up until his death a few weeks ago. I'm still on a job hunt and things just haven't been conducive to editing.
    4. Rattrap Primal
      Rattrap Primal
      Is Collectiwar still going on or is it done before it's time? You just haven't updated in a while which normally means either A) Real life has reared it's head, and the story has been ended in comics form and would probably be concluded in text form like Battle Fudge's comic, or ended all together like Vandelars War of Steel. B) you hit a brick wall of writers block and it will take months or longer to conclude the Season
    5. eagc7
      Implying that the aforementioned movie would be early. Now how many TF movies are not out yet?

      Oh, yeah. Dark of the Moon.
      im saying that The Transforemrs 2010/Hunt for the Decepticons/Reveal the SHIELD, Had Movie TOYS AFTER ROTF LIEN ENDED
    6. eagc7
      So my guess is Prime toys, or maybe they're early movie things mixed in? Bulkhead a quick repaint of Seaspray, or does that not make sense. I hope they're Prime toys.
      lol We Had Movie Toys Since 2010 (TF 2010/HFTD/Reveal the shield which is the lien from all thsi toys incldues movie toys)
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