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Oct 12, 2016
Apr 8, 2009
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Dih Hayud 1st

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Oct 12, 2016
    1. thunder117
      Did you manage to check your inventory?
    2. Cryosis
      So which ones do you have?
      I didnt see any PowerCores in your thread
    3. StarLurker
      You didn't post that last message as a reply on my page, so I didn't even know about it until just now when I checked your profile.... Usually if someone doesn't reply I think I may have offended them somehow so I was nervous about that, lol. @_@

      Maybe we should use PM or email instead...

      Anyways, I have seen some of those figures in stores here. I might be able to hook you up.

      What was your e-mail, again? (Post in PM or just mail me if you don't want it to be public knowledge :p)
    4. Magnus1701
      Mainly current stuff I'm looking for right now. Waiting to find Generations Leader Class Jetfire, Voyager Skybyte, Deluxe Arcee and Chromia, Legends Gears and Acid Storm. Though I'm probably gonna be ordering from TRU and/or Hasbro this week if funds are available. But I'm always willing to see what others people have available.
    5. StarLurker
      Was there anything specific you were looking for?
    6. StarLurker
      BTW anything still on my profile is still available as well. I just haven't listed some of them here yet because they aren't fully sorted yet.
    7. StarLurker
      I'm using a new organization system so I can keep track of things better. I'm listing everything as I put them in new boxes and labeling those boxes with a number and keeping a list on my PC.
      So I don't have every single thing listed that I plan to sell. It's a constant work in progress.
      There are a couple more things I'm thinking of listing soon... But first I have to find all the accessories. Namely my Human Alliance figures like Skids and Mudflap and Barricade. And mech ideas Apex and Geminus. These could be up as soon as tomorrow if my back isn't too bad and I can make it to the library. (My PC at home can't be trusted for Internet use anymore...teh h@x0r3d.)
      If you want to look through my old list that had everything in it, I can maybe send a copy to you in e-mail. But it would be much harder for me to find all the things that aren't a part of the new sorting system.
    8. StarLurker
      I'm thinking it could be a hernia. I've certainly got all the symptoms. My insurance is confusing though... Still working that out...

      Yeah, I'm back to selling stuff again. I really don't want to collect anymore until I get rid of most of this. I'd like to get rid of as much as I can by June, for reasons. After that, I can consider collecting again. Maybe. :p
    9. StarLurker
      Hey, been a while. Limited Internet access and my back injury have prevented me from posting here, or, well, anywhere for a good while. But I'm sick of my terrible luck holding me back so I'm just gonna push through it. Just thought I'd say hi to a few people. How's it going? :p
    10. Scythe
      Ah, that's good to hear, hope it all goes well.
    11. Scythe
      Course, man. Work has me dogged lately due to christmas portraits, but otherwise pretty much ready with the booze on hand to ring in the new year. How about you??
    12. B'Bantor
      Hey buddy :)
    13. Scythe
      Well, Hell-O!
    14. -Wreckage-
      Hey, it's alright. Happens quite a few times, but hello back to you.
    15. Blazing optimus
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