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Checking out the new TFW2005!!! Sep 8, 2016

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Aug 15, 2018 at 11:38 PM
    1. ORIO
      get to work.
    2. Slaughtermaster

      Would you like to trade your ML Phoenix for my ML Kitty Pride?

      LMK, thanks!

    3. Wyvern
      Well don't get me wrong, some look badass.... but I'm not in a hurry to get them. I want Optimus, and Voyager Megatron, and Jetfire, and the Ice Cream twins, and the upcoming Bludgeon, Mindwipe, and leader Starscream.... and alliance Sideswipe and Barricade.... Crap!!! Now that I see all my wants its only a matter of time before I cave hahaha...
    4. Wyvern
      Nah man.... nothing. I'm at a loss with TF comics... I did enjoy the ones I got from you though. I keep hearing the new stuff kinda sucks. You got recommendations? I did see that IDW is planning a new ongoing series... I might jump on board with that series.

      I've kinda been out TF collecting for a bit. I just stopped with all the movie stuff coming out.. not much of a fan of the toys...
    5. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      Haha, well id love to take all of em off your hands :D I don't blame you for keeping tracks he is nifty.
    6. Lumpy
      cool man...i was just looking at them the other day and deciding that i just don't need them one time i had wanted to have them all, but now i'll be selling them all...except for my action master tracks...cuz he's awesome...and maybe 1 or 2 others...
    7. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      O wow, I know what thats like Ill stay away from ebay till I hear back from yea

    8. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      just wondering if you got my pm, if you wanna make a list instead of pictures thats cool with me also
    9. MushroomPrime
      In your sales thread it says you have a ML Black Panther... Does it have the BAF Part?
    10. Rumble02
      they are all obliticon customs you can check out my full gallery here.
      Tag Album: Rumble02 - Transformers Customs - TFW2005.COM
      i hope you enjoy
    11. Scythe
      Hell-O, long time no (insert whatever you want here, except that, or that, or that, or that, maybe that, that's naughty, not that, maybe that, yes that)! How've you been?
    12. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Hey Lumps. Sorry about the post in your tat thread. I'm just not that into tattoos, and I suppose I get bad ideas about them when my 50-year old aunt starts to get them.

      If you like it, great for you. It does look clean. :)
    13. ~Insert Name~
      ~Insert Name~
      Lumpy owns not my soul. I own his.
    14. IhsantheCursed
      Hey dude. Glad to be another local fan.
    15. Lumpy
      Lumpy Owns Your Soul
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