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  1. 10-20-2013 08:26 PM
    Uhhh, hey, what's up I guess? Why are you talking to me like I'm a feral cat?
  2. 10-18-2013 05:06 PM
    Darkest Wolf
    Darkest Wolf
    hello lord im not going to hurt you im just want to be friendly that's all
  3. 10-17-2013 01:49 PM
    Darkest Wolf
    Darkest Wolf
    hello lord my name is ratchet tell me who are you are im just looking for a femme to talk to i just want to say hello to you hope i didn't startle you
  4. 10-12-2011 06:47 AM
    hey lord have u sent the inferno and perceptor yet? need ur confirmation.
  5. 10-03-2011 01:30 AM
    Hey your PM box is full. $1,300 gets everything listed below correct?

    classics Nemesis Prime
    Gen Dirge
    Gen Thrust
    Gen Straxus
    RID Cryotek
    Universe Nemesis Prime
    Botcon Clench
    Micron Legend Shockwave(Tidal Wave)
    Classics Starscream
    Generations Megatron
    Botcon SKyquake
    GF Soundwave
    Destructicon Scourge
    Constructicon Maximus
    Gen Skullgrin
    HFTD Axor
    ROTF Lockdown
    Armada Tidal Wave
    Cyb Megatron
    Smokejumper and Dreadwind
    Armada thundercracker
    GF Metroplex w/dualor and exclusive legends Prime
    Energon Galvatron
    KB toys Bludgeon
    RTS jazz
    RTS Tracks
    RTS Tomahawk
    RTS Perceptor
    RTS Jazz
    RTS Blurr
    Universe Razorclaw
    Universe Countdown
    Cybertron Primus
    Energon Constructicon Maximus
    G1 Soundwave (no tapes, metal feet, sticker and chrome wear)
    Universe 1.0 KB Toys Micromaster Devastator
    HFTD Highbrow
    U Air-raid and Wind Sheer
    BM Strika
    BM Black Arachnia
    BM Striker
    BM Obsidian
    U Ramulus
    E TRU deluxe Prime
    E Tidal Wave
    BM Jetstorm
    Botcon 2003 Sideswipe
    Botcon 2005 Legends Ramjetx3
    SDCC Legends Skywarp
    Universe 1.0 Sunstorm
    Alternators Deadend
    Alernators Tracks
    Alternators Skids
    Alternators Smokescreen
    Alternators swindle
    Alternators Battle Ravage
    Alternators Sideswipe
    Alternators Silverstreak
    Alternators Sunstreaker
    Armada Airazor
    Armada Cheetor
    Armada Predacon
    Armada Terrorsaur
    Armada Rhinox
    Armada Megatron
    Armada Galvatron
    Armada Red-Alert
    Armada PLX Red Alert
    Armada Hotshot
    Armada PLX Hotshot
    Armada Wheeljack
    Armada Cyclonus
    Armada Scavenger
    Armada Blurr
    Armada Demolishor
    Armada Thrust
    Armada Smokescreen
    Armada Hoist
    ROTF Desert Ratchet voyager
    Movie07 Voyager Megatron
    Movie07 Blackout
    ROTF Payload
    RID Landfill
    RID Destructicon Scourge
    RID Destructicon Bludgeon
    E Megatron (white version)
    E Alpha Quintesson
    C Nemesis Breaker
    C Dark Crumplezone
    C Crumplezone
    C Override
    C Override GTS
    C Blurr
    C Longrack
    C Runamuck
    C Buzzsaw
    C Landmine
    C Evac (GF version)
    C Hotshot
    C Leo Breaker
    C Jetfire
    C Red-alert (deluxe)
    C Snarl
    C Demolishor
    C Crosswise
    C Thunderblast
    C Dirtboss
    C Brushguard
    C Brakedown
    C Brimstone
    C Clocker
    C Cyb Defense Hot Shot
    C Cyb Defense Red Alert
    C Cyb Defense Scattorshot
    C Scattorshot
    C Quickmix
    C Lugnutz
    C Thundercracker
    C Undermine (actually GF version, Dino Shout)
    C Wreckloose
    C Shortround
    C Armorhide
    E Insecticon
    E Command Ravage
    E Cruellock
    E Battle Ravage
    E Divebomb
    E Signal Flare
    E Offshoot
    E Landquake
    E Rodimus
    E Prowl (has paint app prob on chin)
    E Cliffjumper
    E Ironhide (has broken clip on one shoulder, displays just fine)
    E Energon Ironhide
    E Energon Hotshot
    E Hotshot
    E Optimus Prime (faceplate v.)
    E Deluxe Optimus
    E Inferno
    E Tow-Line
    E Downshift
    E Quickstrike
    E Arcee
    BW Cheetor (original, red eyes)
    BW Dinobot (original)
    BW Razorbeast
    BW Tripedacus--(one missile wing slightly cracked, fits in weps/hands still)
    BW Magnaboss--(Missing brown missiles, I think)
    BW Silverbolt
    BM Night-slash Cheetor
    BW Optimus Minor
    BW TM2 Spittor
    BW Manterror
    BW Spittor
    BW Alligator Megatron
    BW Snapper
    BW Iguanus
    BW Terrorsaur (missing gun)
    BM Scavenger
    U 1.0 Optimus Primal
    U 1.0 Obsidian and Tankor
    Reissue G1 Thundercracker
    Reissue G1 Sideswipe
    RID Smokejumper and Dreadwing
    U Ascentor and Payload
    A Dark Saber
    A Backtrack, Oval, and Spiral
    C Backtrack, Oval, and Spiral (Remolded version)
    A Land Military Team
    A Night Attack Military Team
    A Destructicon Team
    A Skyboom Shield
    A Adventure Team
    E Perceptor
    U Sky Linx and Thunderblast
    A Air Military Team
    U Kabushi and Landslide
    A Emergency Team
    A Emergency Team (Recolored version)
    A Sea Team
    A Sea Team(recolored)
    C Reverb, Jolt, and Sixspeed
    U Tankor and Shockwave
    Classics Dinobots
    C Deepdive, Overcast, and Longarm
    Classics Demolition Team
  6. 09-20-2011 03:44 AM
    emailed you with regards to inferno and perceptor are u going to reply?
  7. 09-08-2011 04:00 AM
    hi lord i've made the paypal payment for inferno and perceptor awaiting for ur swift reply.
  8. 08-23-2011 09:54 PM
    pm'ed you
  9. 08-18-2011 05:46 AM
    Hello, I'm interested in C Thunderblast $5 if that is the Deluxe version, not the minicon.
  10. 08-15-2011 05:48 PM
    Hi,i've receive your message, hope everything is fine. have you send it already? Please let me know via PM. And could you clear your inbox? since its already full and I need to confirm several matters.

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