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    1. sunstreaker1980
      ok i was woundering on how to put more pics in my collection thread
    2. LadyStarscream
      You must mean the ROTF Starscream leader? I don't have one, I actually have three! :lol Bought two during a TRU BOGO half off sale, and picked up the third one a Ross for 19.99 :D Yeah, I have issues!
    3. LadyStarscream
      Hi! I am still around, been a bit overwhelmed with the hobby lately though. Of course that didn't stop me from using an unhealthy amount of the 5.00 coupons during my extensive toy runs over the past two weeks! ;) How are you?
    4. Superquad7
      I'm glad your retreat went well! I hope you feel better soon!
    5. Ultra Brevis
      Ultra Brevis
      Can I suggest that Bruticusmax be added to the deadbeat list?

      Is there a reason he has not been added already?

      He is not returning my emails.

      I am out 85 dollars as of Aug 22nd. I don't think I am alone.

      Thanks to all those who vouched for his good character.
    6. Ultra Brevis
      Ultra Brevis
      Before the hurricane, and subsequent problems. Aug 22nd.
    7. Ultra Brevis
      Ultra Brevis
      I understand that member BruticusMax has had difficulties due to the Hurricane. I am out 85 dollars to him for a Frenzy/Rumble 2-pack and a Wreck-gar. I gifted the money via paypal. Very naive, I know. Am I out the money? Is he a stand-up guy?
    8. Matrix Soul
      Matrix Soul
      Sorry I won't be able to :(
    9. frankeblaha72
      I spoke with BruticusMax and he is in the process of refunding money to the members who have not received there items. He told me that a tree fell on his house and destroyed most of his collection. Is in the process of filing claims for it. The hurricane hit him hard. I know there are a lot of angry members he has dealings with but he refunded my money and is working on settling his debt. I do not know if you blocked him but on his behalf could you take him off the block list.
    10. twiztidRodimus
    11. Transfan2
      Just wondering if I can ask for the Unicron Thread in Wanted Section to be sticky...I understand if you decline though.


      (I was a bit nervous asking ^^; )
    12. Transfan2
      <<2010 & Amazon Unicron Swap Parts Thread>>
      ^==Hopefully, This helps everyone if they have an Unicron issue. :)

    13. Transfan2
      Sure, do it.
      Cool..Just wanted to be polite.

      You think the "2010 & Amazon Unicron Swap Parts Thread" Could work as a title?
      (Just more opinion-based ^^)

      Thank you for your help,
    14. Transfan2
      Hey Liokaiser,
      I am just wondering if a thread in the Wanted Section could be done (by me or someone) if it's ok to of course..a thread based on 2010/Amazon Unicron(s) so people can swap out duplicate parts to get the correct ones from someone else.

      It's your call of course,
    15. The621
      That's good! Great to know!
    16. The621
      What's up?
    17. Bruticus44
      Thanks, wish we coulda talked more TF while at the store, but that's how it is. Yeah Got into Transformers after watching a few videos of it at a rental store, then bought the first season with allowence and went from there. Ever go to any of the Cybercon Expos? I was pretty upset when the guy who ran them stopped holding them.
    18. Bruticus44
      Hahahah I like how I am the same name as the guy below me. Met at Toys R Us today.
    19. Bruticus11
    20. frankeblaha72
      Saw that you PM'd but have not received it yet.
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