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Sep 24, 2011
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Child of Primus

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May 28, 2017 at 8:59 AM
    1. pokemonsdoom
      Hey I see you are a Fellow Linkara Fan
    2. LegoTFGuy
      Dude, your sig is basically how the Multiverse is portrayed in my fanfiction.

    3. LegoTFGuy
      I'm sorry it's just that I got a taste of being in any form of media outlet when I was in the sharkticomics christmas special and I want more!
      No problem.

      Telly you what- there's another reader whose requested to be in the comic as well. I'll see what I can do about slipping you two in after the break after Season 3.
    4. jgoss
      did you catch the new episode of prime sat.?
    5. Autobus Prime
      Autobus Prime
      Hey, Legos, are you having trouble posting your Funnies Awards polls? See the award discussion thread, if you are, I posted the process there. :)

      If you feel you've gotten in over your head with work, or have changed your mind about running the contests, I'd be happy to take over for you. Just ask, and forward me any nominations that have been sent for Running Gag and Best Photography. I'm sure IH2005 wouldn't mind.
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    I like to believe that imagination is just looking into other universes and that all works of fiction (and their fanfics) are real in those universes.
    Of course, that would mean that works of fiction in THOSE universes would be real and that OUR universe could be a piece of fiction in another universe.