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    1. eagc7
    2. eagc7
      I thought Dawn of Dinosaurs was the final Ice Age movie.
      there was never an info or confirmation that it was the final movie, if you read it from wikipedia then it was fake info (unless there was a source)
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
      Also, Like when Bumblebee crashed into the police car by accident. Micheal Bay said he was going to use it in his movie, but didn't show
      Nelson said that the scene WAS NEVER gonig to be used

      Transformers 3 Bumblebee Crash to not be written into Film - Transformers News - TFW2005

      i rly think u guys should keep up with the news like i do
    5. GFH
      Don't feel bad! I'm just teasing, no harm meant.
    6. G1Trypticon
      Hey i saw your thread. Is it ok if i ask you some questions and for you to keep me updated on this set as you go through each season and tell em what the episodes are like. 1st question can you tell me what character profiles are in the booklet like what characters do they information on in the book. And can yout ell me if they put the name of the epsiodes when ever the epsiode you are on starts and they show you the epsiode name on the screen like they did in season two. I want to know if they did that with season one. Can you tell me if they fixed all the animation errors.
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