Lance Halberd
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Mar 15, 2017
Feb 17, 2003
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Lance Halberd

oh hai

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Mar 15, 2017
    1. llamatron
      I've been missing your strawberry kisses.
    2. smangerbot
      mmm, steak.
    3. smangerbot
      bitter tears go well with steak.
    4. Lance Halberd
      Lance Halberd
      Seriously. The intarwebs is serious business, and people need to make good on their hyperbolized statements.
    5. Bryan

      Actually, I felt kinda bad about it. Like when I fuck up at work and my boss is my buddy.

      Besides, I thought he was gone or banned or something. I probably woulda given it a pass if I knew "I quit TFW forever" only meant for about two days.
    6. Kickback
      Will you marry me?
    7. Bryan
      Yeah, I kinda figured. That was thomastastic!

      Oh, and good job not falling into the 'caboose' joke stereotype.
    8. funkatron101
    9. funkatron101
      Man, If I hadn't purchased 8-10 toys in the dealer room, I would have come out $2 ahead for the whole trip. If I'm smart about this, I will hopefully be there every year from now on, and it won't cost me a dime.

      I put some photos up on my myspace page. I wish I got more, but I'm not really a photo guy, so I forgot to take the camera out.

      One of my favorite moments was when we were at Cadillac (the hoochie bar). I was next to Aaron Archer, and as we saw the nerdy nerds approaching, still wearing their botcon badges, Aaron rolled his eyes.:lolol
    10. funkatron101
      Ur soo popular. I bet you have a nice bottom.
    11. smangerbot
      when did tfw turn into facebook? i guess its better than scribbling filth about each other on the wine shop wall.
    12. llamatron
      I can't believe that I'm writing on the wall of THE Lance Halberd. I think I'm getting dizzy.
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