Lance Halberd
Feb 17, 2003
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    1. GogDog
      No visitor messages for 2 months? What kind of travesty is this?!

      Do you like your Animated Blurr? You know, before that douchebag broke it in half?
    2. Bryan

      It had potential for many prison lolz.
    3. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      All kneel before the Fuzzy Zod
    4. Bryan
      Yes you were.
    5. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      Started another fuzzy mod contest thread since you threw a reminder out. Thanks for saying something, the first thread was like 6 pages back. Looks like you and SC may take it

      Nice penis btw
    6. GogDog
      have you really....seen my member...?
    7. llamatron
      My member is over 5000 posts long. How about yours?
    8. funkatron101
      Awesome! I love dreams like that. Especially when things go wrong and what I come up with for solutions.
    9. funkatron101
      I can't stop myself. Help.
    10. Seth Buzzard
      Seth Buzzard
      AIM just closed out on me and I can't reconnect it. Keeps timing out. I was going to say "That sounds like no kind of fun"
    11. Seth Buzzard
      Seth Buzzard
      Are you hiding out again?
    12. funkatron101
      Ha! That's crazy.

      Oh, and I have the teeth dream too. Only with mine they come loose in thin layers, almost as if they are shells that get thinner and thinner. I would start to pull on them and then pretty soon I would have no top row. I never knew what that meant, interesting.
    13. funkatron101
      So I had a dream about you two nights ago.

      You sat down next to me at a diner, and said "Hey, I'm Bryan."
      I replied "Hey man, nice to finally meet ya!" as we shook hands.

      Then your left "contact" fell out of your eye. Only it was the whole pupil, iris, everything, right on the table.

      You look at me, with your head slightly tilted, and just had a small black dot on your eye. It weirded me out, and I proclaimed "Dude, you dropped something."

      ..and that was it. WTF does that mean!!
    14. Bryan
      Aw, hell. How'd that happen? the file name, btw.
    15. TrickyDisco
      Love the fishy tie! Didn't think such a thing would be quite your style, but you carry it quite well.
      I says this board needs a 'L. Halberd tie collection' thread!
    16. Bryan
      I like how he's such a gargoyle that his Willem Dafoeness extends to the Jerk contest.
    17. Bryan
      Yeah, I actually got a spam email from Le Leiomyocarcinoma about how horny she was and how she wanted to fuck RIGHT NOW.
    18. Bryan
      Sorry, dude. I didn't get to leave the immediate area around the hospital until Saturday night and was too busy then carousing to find a postcard. Next trip, though.
    19. Ktulu
      Now if you excuse me I've gotta whisper some sweet nothings to this puddin
    20. Jux
      It's ok - I saw it before PB deleted it.

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