Kuma Style
Dec 6, 2010
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Kuma Style

Toy Photography, Male

TFW2005 Supporter
    1. typev3
      Definitely man!
    2. typev3
      You bet I am! Will most likely be volunteer staff again.
    3. typev3
      haha, glad to know someone found it as amusing as I did!
    4. soymonk
      Hey there! Can you send me a close up photo of the lettering on MMC Sixshot's Drift-swords? From what I could make out, it appears to be Chinese, but I'll confirm it with m parents.
    5. SWAGE66
      I really hope someone looks through your feedback, and asks you "what the hell did you do to that guy???"
    6. nelodiavolo
      Seriously man! The 3rd party releases are getting out of hand. Well only for me cause I have other things I want to buy and I don't have anywhere to put any of these new combiners. They are awesome though. I have no idea where I am going to put Fort Max, but its Fort Max, I need it.
    7. nelodiavolo
      Doing good. Another year of Transformers. I'm kind of out of room so I am not really buying too much stuff anymore...Well except for the new MP Soundwave, a few FOC, and waiting for the big kahuna, Encore Fort Max.
    8. soymonk
      I found your YouTube channel today. Very nice reviews and toy shots. I'm definitely subscribing.
    9. ahro23
      Love that you hit some Teknoman/Tekkaman and Gundam stuff. I placed my order for a Figma Teknoman figure from BBTS a while ago but won't ship until I get MP Soundwave. I'll definitely let you know what I think. Did you ever get into building Gundam kits? I'm working on an MG Nu Gundam right now :D
    10. moreprimeland
      Just checking, do you have a new sales thread...the link takes me to an old and empty one. ?????
    11. G1Wheeljack
      Do you have any plans to do a video review the SRC ChoRyuJin? I can't seem to find any good video reviews of him and you always do a good job of showing off the toys and what they can do.
    12. Big Dawg
      Big Dawg
      don't forget peeing everywhere- when we got our new beagle (admittedly way too early at 5 weeks old) he would literally mark his territory everywhere. a little squirt here, a little squirt there...
    13. Big Dawg
      Big Dawg
      awesome- we had a beagle before the current dog we have.his name was Winston but unfortunately due to all the in-breeding issues beagles apparently have our little buddy was prone to seizures and had to be put down. We both loved him so much that we are totally getting another pure bred beagle from a reputable breeder once our new baby (due next month) is a little older- those beagles are like babies themselves when they're pups!
    14. Big Dawg
      Big Dawg
      excellent. I have to say this was one of, if not the best xmas' I've had. It was so fantastic to see my little girl open up her gifts and have a hell of a good time (older pic of her in my avatar- she's 2 now). It was honestly the first time I didn't give a rats ass what I received (even though I did pretty well in the gift department lol). What kind of dog did you get? We have a big assed lab/mutt we rescued from death row at the pound
    15. Gundamben831
      no worries it happens, Nice I too plan on trying to get my hand at a full pass for SDCC this year if I'm lucky. I was more so curious if you've ever been to an anime convention? One in particular I go to every summer in Los Angeles is Anime Expo.
    16. Spyne98
      Hey! I just watched your review of the Function X figure. What a great review, and now I want the figure, haha.
      Happy New year man, hope you and yours are well ;)
    18. DJW107PRIME
      Merry Christmas!
    19. CyclonuS_ZerO
      Merry XMas broseph!
    20. Megatron31
      No problem friend. Was starting to wonder if you got it. But its just returning the favor from last year. Merry Christmas
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