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Proud father, Male, from Denver, CO

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Currently being a toku nerd Sep 8, 2016

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Oct 19, 2017 at 11:51 PM
    1. Transfan2
      Hi Kickback,
      How have you been doing? :)

    2. ironjazz
      will there be next TFWe Community Spotlight - Radicon Customs
    3. ArceeMe
      It does, and I'm sorry if I came off rude at all, that wasn't my intent. ^_^ thank you
    4. ArceeMe
      Considering this (the issue everyone is having )has happened before with the club and its members, and how everyone is talking about how they were charged 1 buck on google and such, i dont see how this is a "personal" over all. Yes we each will talk to them and get things sorted out, or we wont, but the thread for this issue is just views. Thats all I was looking for, so plz dont take offense to it . ^_^They have admitted it and still over-ordering persists? don't you find it kinda strange? Its not just "my order" is everyone that HAD ordered recently. The email is from their employee, I can even share it if need be. Thing is, why do they keep doing this to ppl if the demand is so high? And if thats fact, like its been showing us it is.....Then why not make more? Cost? I think we all spend enough on TFs to give them more cash to make exclusives? I guess the thing that gets me about all of this is how TFCC HAS had the same issues for years now with the credit card issues apparently. So my post wasn't a personal vendetta or anything, just wanting others "views" on the situation. ^_^
    5. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      Oh it was. And no worries about the time.
    6. Transfan2
      Hey Kickback,
      How has your week been going for you? :)

      Hope to hear from you when it's possible to of course,
    7. Rodimus Prime
      Rodimus Prime
      I'm baaaaaack. If you could, just delete the Rion name, please. I finally hacked my own password. =x
    8. Transfan2
      Hi Kickback,
      How have you been?

    9. Protoman
      ......... really?
    10. Protoman
    11. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      Master Kickback. I hope you enjoy this Christmas season.

    12. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      No spoilers bro I just finished episode 6!
    13. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      It is due to you that I got myself back into Super Sentai. Thanks.
    14. Transfan2
      Hi Kickback,
      How have you been?/How was your thanksgiving? :)

    15. Nevermore
      Gen. Magnus deserves credit too for PWNing the guy by digging up the sources for his "info" on alleged Hasbro office hours and salaries.
    16. Valkysas
      Thanks! Glad I could help.
    17. Transfan2
      Hi Kickback,
      May I ask how you been? :)

    18. Barricade24
    19. Transfan2
      Hi TF2

      That's awesome that you make them all cards - I'm sure they really appreciate it. I miss Eric, he was an awesome designer and I miss hearing all his insight on how he created what he did and more importantly WHY he created it.

      I am also glad you enjoy TFWe. We're taking a bit of a small break for the Holidays (offline lives are getting busy) and doing a "double-issue" to release before Christmas. We're going to put a lot of fun stuff in there.

      I am also working on a special side project that will slowly but surely take a good amount of my attention at TFW2005 away. You might be able to figure it out based on my signature ... but with some of the purchases you make around Super Sentai, I think you'll enjoy what we're making ... and I hope you'll come and visit it
      To Clarify if I may..I gave Eric The Special Card to him and Hasbro, I give them a special letter that I do each year to give them to show my appreication for the stuff (it's more of a Thank you letter to them than a card...I just thought Eric deserved something more special considering his situation).
      ^==Hope that makes sense.

      Also got Eric to signed my ROTF Megatron (MISB)-Voyager and Eric & The Hasbro people who were there that day to sign my United Megatron (Gun One) MISB too.

      I will at least consider visiting and go from there, cool?

    20. Tim Formas
      Tim Formas
      You had me at hello.
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