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Sep 26, 2017 at 12:34 AM
    1. manyoufactsure
      Thanks for the sighting post about Trypticon at WB TRU. 2nd time I was able to find something I was looking for without driving all around. Would u be the guy that only collects deceptions (except for Perceptor) that I recently ran into twice? Once in Target and once in TRU. Thanks again
      1. jru42287
        Hey, no problem! Glad I could help!

        Naw, that's not me, though. I have no faction bias haha.
        Jul 28, 2017
    2. Fallout
      dude!! what are you looking for and i will search my (small) collection to trade you for your AU evasion prime
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      2. jru42287
        I'd really rather $30. It's already a bit lower than ebay prices.
        Mar 5, 2017
      3. Fallout
        eh, i can swing $30. what's your paypal?
        Mar 5, 2017
      4. jru42287
        I'll send it in a PM.
        Mar 5, 2017
    3. jametron
      Definitely... Again, great job in the covers!
    4. jametron
      Those look great!!! Thanks for sharing! I don't wanna provide needles for your bubbles, however, I want to let you know that the music released/leaked for TF07 doesn't comprise the COMPLETE score... But rather about 90% of it.
    5. Snake_eyes1975
      MP bee..I think mine is good bro.
      Sorry your underwhelmed with HA Soundwave. I still think its one of the coolest of the HAs, and I have all of those. Eveen though the legs are kinda small, They really explode from such little quarters of the car. I kinda point the toes high and it gives him more height.
      My buddy Plowking, says he thinks the leg was designed from a movie still of the leg from the Knee up..he may be right. I love it still!
    6. Snake_eyes1975
      NICE oohhh..your gunna LOVE it..the OG HA soundwave is freakin cake bro..one of my all time gems now.
    7. jametron
      Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing. I don't recall ever even seeing the pic you used for TF07 before!
    8. jametron
      Yes! I'd love to see your covers!
    9. jametron
      Better yet, here's a direct link to my TF4 upload at MegaUpload...


      The link to the FFS score forum would require you to become a member before you can view download links... didn't think about that when I posted earlier. However, if you are a score buff, i highly recommend becoming a member. There are hundreds of complete scores, recording sessions etc, that the general public does not have access to. Hundreds, if not thousands... Again, let me know if you have any issues!
    10. jametron
      Here ya go,bud! The link is at the bottom of my post (LUCKY CHARMS). As far as I can tell, it is still active. If you have any problem, let me know, I'll re-up the whole thing.

      Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Complete Score) [Film Mix]
    11. jametron
      Nope, unfortunately I have the same 2 subpar sounding Jetfire related tracks you do. Though, I have tweaked them a bit on my mixing board. I think they're a little bit better quality-wise, but still not as crisp as the rest of the leaked score. Such a shame too, I absolutely love the 2nd one (where Jetfire recounts the tale of the Primes and the fallen on Earth... Especially the final flourish ending!)... Maybe someday they'll see a properly mastered release!
    12. jametron
      No problem... Just give me until to tomorrow. My family and I just bought and moved into a new house 2 weeks ago. I've yet to set my laptop and junk up, but have off of work tomorrow and planned to do so, amongst other things (your timing is impeccable!). I'll touch base with you when I have a link available! I also have versions of the other 3 films, if you're interested.
    13. jametron
      No, you're remembering correctly! I did that project for other film score fans on a film score trading based site, but also posted the link here as well.
    14. Snake_eyes1975
      When you get it, you make sure and tell me how much you love it! Because you will!
    15. Snake_eyes1975
      your gunna LOVE that thing dude
    16. Snake_eyes1975
      YAY! how much?
    17. Snake_eyes1975
      Goin good bro. I haven't worked at Tru since last October either. Ball season has started and my boy and girl are both playing, and I'm coaching. Busy days, but fun stuff. Good job on the raise dude! I find the new CW line pretty good. I really like that we aren't bombarded with a crap ton of dumb stuff. To me it's fun stuff that's the closest to core G1. Not too happy with the new prices, but with me sitting out the RID stuff it's still pretty cheap time for me. Keep it real bro! I'll see you around on the boards.
    18. Snake_eyes1975
      Whassup bro? All good on your side?
    19. Snake_eyes1975
      Yea I bought mudflap when he was $60. I really like that one too. That HA soundwave is one of the coolest transformers ive ever touched. The way it TFs is unlike any other.
    20. Snake_eyes1975
      seen you reading the KO HA Soundwave thread. That thing is AWESOME dude. you would LOVE IT.
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