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  1. 08-15-2014 05:15 PM - permalink
    I know, but I just want to see a new Lio Convoy that isn't a repaint of a figure that happens to be a Lion. Lio has a great unique Transformation and I'd love to see a new version of him that transforms in a similar way.
  2. 08-15-2014 11:46 AM - permalink
    Those changes would be more logical. But given his name "Broadside" I don't think that will happen.

    I would really like Octane to get a Voyager as a Longnose truck and Jumbo Jet because his original alt modes were great and deserve to be done modern justice.

    Also I'd like to see some classics versions of the Beast Wars Neo characters those guys were crazy!
  3. 08-15-2014 10:57 AM - permalink
    Broadside is perhaps my least favourite triple changer. I mean his altmodes are nice but he's kind of eh. There is that Warbot version if you're interested
  4. 08-15-2014 10:21 AM - permalink
    It doesn't the figure that much I guess?

    I really hope Hasbro make a Voyager Astrotrain so he can be the same height as Blitzwing and hopefully give Astrotrain his original Train mode it's much more charming to see a Steam Engine turn into a Space Shuttle than a Space Shuttle into a Modern Train.

    There's not enough Trainformers in general, I really wanted to get the RID Railbots just because they look so great in alt mode and combined mode.
  5. 08-15-2014 10:15 AM - permalink
    That's horrible, I guess I'll have to hold off on Rodimus then.

    You have Voyager Blitzwing yes? Didn't he have some issues you have to sort out when you get him out of the box?
  6. 08-15-2014 09:29 AM - permalink
    Really? What sort of issues?

    I'm interested in getting him with the trailer but if that's far too expensive I'm find with getting him on his own.
  7. 08-15-2014 08:58 AM - permalink
    I mainly wanted Optimus, Rodimus, Prowl, Thundercracker and Soundwave. It'd be awesome if they made a Masterpiece Breakdown and Jazz!
  8. 08-15-2014 08:34 AM - permalink
    That's a positive way to look at it!

    I sadly have no Masterpieces (I really want MP-10 though) I'm going to wait until I put up a shelf before I start that collection.
  9. 08-15-2014 05:22 AM - permalink
    I mean I do like the Generations Tankor but he looks too small, if I'm gonna choose out of all the Tankors available I'd rather get the original larger version. But I do hope they make a larger Tankor at some point. Can't wait to see a Third Party Strika! I wanted Hasbro to retool PRID Bulkhead into Strika you know resembling her animated version.

    I'd like to see a Blastcharge that actually looks bulky in Robot mode.
  10. 08-15-2014 04:28 AM - permalink
    I think we need more Beast Machines Vehicons, I wish they made Tankor a Voyager.

    Also I wish Planet X's Swoop came in the same Blue as the Terrorsaur repaint I have, it's such a lovely colour scheme.

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    Jetstorm, Rattrap, Tarantulas, RID Scourge, Waspinator, Optimus Primal, BW Megatron
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    TM2 Spittor, RID Scourge, TFP Shockwave, Alt Hound, Gen Warpath, TFA Blitzwing
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    TF, Lego, TMNT nut, first series was Beast Wars back in 96. Also like history and traveling.
    Salisbury, NC
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