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TF Ninja

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Dec 14, 2018 at 7:01 PM
    1. Scorponok
      Yes I am! So glad to finally meet another local on this site. South of Atl here. Noticed your sig, too. Do you do customizations, by any chance?
    2. Rhinox23
      I work in Peachtree Corners, but I live in Smyrna. I've been checking the Duluth TRU off Pleasant Hill and the Smyrna TRU near Cumberland Mall. I've seen pretty much everything out at this point except for MP Grimlock. Tomorrow is my last day to find him, so it probably won't happen before I leave. Definitely let me know if you come across him. I really appreciate your kind offer!
    3. Rhinox23
      Okay, thanks! I must have just missed him then because I went a little bit later in the afternoon. I checked again yesterday with no luck, but hopefully he'll show up again at one of the stores I regularly go to. I got that coupon in the mail too. Now, I just hope I can find him before it expires!
    4. Rhinox23
      When did you find the MP Grimlock at the Duluth TRU? I was there yesterday and saw the spot for him but they didn't have any (at least out on the floor). I didn't go today so I hope I didn't just pick the wrong day to miss him!
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