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Aug 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2013
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Jason Enright

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Aug 26, 2014
    1. Jason Enright
      Jason Enright
      That was unfortunate, but hey trust me and Mairghread and I have both experienced worse and will continue to experience worse. It comes with the territory, sadly. I just hope people realize that we're not trying to hurt their franchise, or take something away from them, Mairghread is a freelancer, she was asked to do a job and she is doing it. She is also a fan who wants to see this done right. She is also a woman and wants better representation for everyone everywhere. She has worked on transformers for 5 years now. She has written 5 episodes of Prime, 3 Rescue Bots, 2 TF children's books, and co-written 12 TF comics, 8 of which she was the lead on. She knows what she is doing. At the end of the day, she is going to write best story she can, and if people actually don't like the story then they can judge but all this stuff right now is just speculation and fear.

      Til all are one.
    2. HeroicC300
      Good to have you here.

      I hope that outside an introduction that borders on a hazing (I am now ashamed to have posted in that thread) you have a good time.
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