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Oct 19, 2017 at 12:59 AM
    1. bigkid78
      go to shootfortheedit.com when the screen comes up with all the dates on it click on dec.2010 and scroll down a bit and you will c the 2 guys.
    2. bigkid78
      you can go to collider.com and watch it still i think. bay had it on his web site shootfortheedit.com -theres a bald guy with glasses and a chuncky guy
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
    5. eagc7
      Do Ya Knwo Prime Aired Yesterday o nteh teletoon channel in canada?
    6. eagc7
    7. eagc7
      no problem
    8. eagc7
      Now I really wanna see this... WHY CAN'T THE HUB COME TO CANADA ALREADY!?

      You wont get the Hub Cuase Instead of the hub u get Nickelodeon (cuase Discovery kdis was repalced by nick on canada)

      Priem is airing on YTV on Canada
    9. Heracles Max
      Heracles Max
      Hi janeDoe001! Thanks for the feedback. Hope all is going well for you.
    10. janeDoe001
      I'm working from 10am - 6pm. Other than that, not much. Oh, I just found out that Transformers Animated had a marathon today. New Episodes... for you anyway. :/

      If you'd like to sleep over next week I can ask my mom. That way we can both watch the 1st movie right before the second.

    11. jmteddybear
      yo katie whats goin on next sat
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    Rule Number 1 in Transformers Lore: Never Piss of anyone named Optimus; You Will Die For It! Rule Number 2: The Pit Hath no fury like a Decepticon Leader Scorned! Rule Number 3: People are gonna hate Airachnid no matter what she does. Rule Number 4: Never order a metallic gorilla to give you a massage.