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Dec 29, 2016
Feb 20, 2005
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Dec 29, 2016
    1. plowking
      Merry Christmas!!
    2. Wikkid
      Thank god. The day couldn't come soon enough.
    3. Wikkid
      It's been a pretty good week so far, what, with you and Lobo posting again.
    4. REDLINE
      :lol consuming my life! It doesn't help that I'm kinda burnt out on TFs right now, and that I endured such a long drought of video games prior to this year.
    5. Superquad7
      Hey hey boy! Hope you're doing well! Holler at me sometime!
    6. REDLINE
      how's it goin' buddy? Call of Duty: MW2 has sucked up my life! :lol
    7. plowking
    8. SeishinKibou
      Thank you very much =D
    9. REDLINE
      I saw that... and the best part? All their custom mech pack expansions are being included as well! You really need to experience those... hundreds of extra mechs and weapons!
    10. REDLINE
      that's a cool idea. You still have MEch4 Mercs? MekTek.net Development has SWEEEEEEET upgrades for it they made that are free. ton of new mechs and weapons, and even multiplayer maps, and another group made a patch so you can play campaign missions co-op! If you want to see the teaser video and read up on what they want to do with the new MW game, go to pc.ign.com :D
    11. REDLINE
      Thanks, buddy! I had to put it up, due to the recent announcement that they are FINALLY working on a brand-new Mechwarrior game! :rock It'll be true to the old ones, but they also want to make it for the Xbox 360 in addition to the PC. Simulation/Action for both. hells yeah!
    12. godwin300
      Hey JAF, I'm doing a MP Wheeljack and I like your take on him. I was wondering if you had any specs I could go from to start this build. I am looking for a general overview in what you used for the transformation design. Mine won't be the same but your take on this would give me a bit of a head start. Let me know bro, Todd
    13. godwin300
      Hey, I'm actually looking for some commission work right now. Do you know of anybody who is looking to have a project done? Let me know. Thanx, Todd
    14. plowking
    15. ryu hayabusha
      ryu hayabusha
      hey i been trying to e-mail you, (with no luck) on a password reset for S7. my e-mail adress is primusq001@aol.com thanks man!
    16. turboedguy
      Thanks man, those articulated fists work great!
    17. Superquad7
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