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Find Kill Cleanse, 24, from Rio Rancho NM

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Aug 21, 2017 at 10:12 PM
    1. combinerlover
      Hey buddy I was curious as to if you can either delete or merge one of the threads I made ? , I accidentally created 2 with all most the same title ..... I`d like to keep the one with the most responds / comments .... the one I`d like gone is ` who wants hasbro to release starscream and dirge for galvatronus here ` .... thank you greatly ;)
    2. Superquad7
      Left ya some feedback, boy! :)
    3. ultramagnus1

      I wanted to add Ultra Magnus to my thread about best leader figs but cant. Any chance you can edit it for me? Cheers
    4. Superquad7
      Love that new avy there, bud :)
    5. TFP Ratchet
      TFP Ratchet
      Do any of you watch Transformers: Prime ?
    6. Chief Gage
      Chief Gage
      I LOVE YOUR CAPTION!!!!!!!!
      Destroyer of spiders!!!
    7. QLRformer
      Thank you very much for moving the thread.
    8. moreprimeland
    9. moreprimeland
      Oh good to know... I'll log off soon and let you have at it... I'm kinda hurting a bit anyway.
    10. moreprimeland
      :lol Just got back from the chiropractor and needed to move something, fast!!
    11. Jetbolt

      I never saw the show, but I really enjoyed the toys. Divebomb and Cruellock are some of my all time favorites. It was due to that Divebomb, that I later got the G1 version, the Kreo, and even the ROTF biplane Divebomb. I'm even getting the 3rd party MMC Talon (Divebomb) figure.

      Strongarm was my first figure of the series. The G1 themed Energon Starscream was actually the first Starscream I ever had. To date, I have about 35 figures from the US line and the Takara Super Link Laserwave.
    12. Jetbolt
      Congrats on becoming a member of the TFW staff.

      Now, I'm a bit shocked to had seen Energon as your favorite generation. Is that mainly for the figures of the time, the general era, or were just one of those that liked something about the show itself?
    13. ORIO
      The hell you want Felicia?
    14. Fallout
      you're just really nice and pretty funny. i love your pictures too.
    15. Fallout
      you seem cool, i'd like to get to know you. :)
    16. XxGeck0xX
      roughly 8 years
    17. XxGeck0xX
      idk man its hard to find american prime toys, i love microns so ya lol im so used to japanese life it sucks
    18. XxGeck0xX
      I see what you mean, what I hate is that I loved japanese tf collecting and never had to pay the outrageous imported prices off of online retailers. Most of my collection is japanese and I prefer it over the american ones. It just sucks :(
    19. XxGeck0xX
      Oh ok I'll be 21 in january next year, that's good youre going to school i might go back lol. im hoping to get a car by next week so i can drive around and get a job. I used to be into lego as a kid, mostly bionicle 2001-2005 series and star wars, but Ive been outta it so long and tf's are my main investment.
    20. XxGeck0xX
      Wow that'd be nice to meet up with all of you guys, japanese collectors usually are really private and dont talk much but i was lucky enough to meet a japanese collector in japan so that was good. so are you in high school still or whats up?
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