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Nov 26, 2002
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Insane Galvatron

is not insane. Really!, 40

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Aug 14, 2018 at 1:32 PM
    1. Fierceawakening
      My name is Alexa. I was with the very tall woman with curly hair that had the plushies (not sure if she was carrying them with her when we met you in the dealers' room.) We were talking about... the upcoming TF:P toys I think? And you were saying you liked Nascar so you liked the Wreckers, if I recall right?
    2. Fierceawakening
      Thanks for the welcome! People seem pretty chill here. I've been posting a few of my fanfics in the forum for that.
    3. Fierceawakening
      Hi there. I ran into you at BotCon and you were recommending to me and the person I was with that we join the boards, so er... hiya then *waves*
    4. Transfan2
      I thought I saw you at the club roundtable.
      You may have then and sorry to miss you at the convention.

      (On the other hand, got Mega-Gun from CP at the convention and he's a neat little Guy.)
    5. Transfan2
      Hey Insane Galvatron,
      How are you doing?/Sorry for having yet to see you there though ^^;.


      (Botcon 2011)
    6. Transfan2
      Oh, so you are coming to Botcon. I'll make sure I wear my Insane Galvatron shirt so you can look for me.
      ^==Thanks for the head's up (to admit, I may have saw you/your shirt during a previous Botcon, but I guess I got too shy..which I am sort of am and didn't say anything).

      Umm See you there,
    7. Transfan2
      I'm doing good except for the users that are trashing me in public. How about you?

      I am doing ok, (a bit) excited about Botcon 2011 and sorry you are being bothered (by folks).

    8. Transfan2
      I think Mega-Gun looks like a neat little Gun-Based Leader and I be glad to at least get that one. ^^

      (How are you doing?)

    9. Josh
      shoot me an e-mail with what you're thinkin you want done! i might be able to free some time up but it just kinda depends. lemme know!
    10. Brawlastator
      So, did you learn everything you know about World War 2 from Call of Duty?
    11. Nexus Prime
      Nexus Prime
      You mentioned something about a ghost encounter. If you can't mention anything of it because of the board's no religion policy feel free to bring it up on the Christian TF board. It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has anything to share.
    12. bettis211
      Hi, I haven't heard back from you. Are you still interested?
    13. bettis211
      Does the KO sarscream have the missles and launchers?
    14. bettis211
      I was assuming it was the regular henkei KO (which have black chrome jet nozels), not the fully chromed one. But that was by bad since you didn't say it was a henkei KO. I could still use it to replace the slightly broken fin though. The only problem I have is the canopy is blue in that link you sent. Is that the color of the one you have (I did notice that one of the pics had a regular orange canopy)? If it is blue I still might be interested; I will think about it. In the mean time could you confirm the canopy color?
    15. bettis211
      I've got a RID prowl (blue and white version) without the missle launchers. I have a WFC Cliffjumper body without the head but otherwise in perfect condition. I have a Classics Bumblebee head (both pieces and the clear eyes but no screw). I have the Orion Pax and Megatron heads that came with the 2nd PP01 Faith Leader plus capes and shoulder mounts for both the PP01 and the MP-01 or MP-04 masterpiece Primes. I have an original Omega Supreme that is missing a few pices. Quite a bit of original G1 stuff in various states of disrepair. I also have the PP01 sized Optimus Prime ion blaster with a 5mm round peg which I don't have anything to go with. I don't really want to get rid of that but I could be persuaded. I don't have links to anything but I could send you pictures if you want. Just let me know and I will.

      The other thing I didn't mention is the right tailfin/jet assembly is cracked on mine. It looks fine but if I could replace both sides with functional fins with that black/chrome jet it would be great.
    16. bettis211
      I saw you offered some broken KO seeker parts to someone a while back. I need both cockpit pieces. Do you still have them? I have some stuff to trade or I can pay cask.
    17. eagc7
      well im aware HFTD is a sub line, but i Always refer the line has HFTD or RTS, even if it lacks the hftd sticker
    18. eagc7
      because of this

      Does it really matter what it's called guys?
      when someone says something like that then i think that its like "stop alking of such stuff here" so i continue the discussion on someone page
    19. eagc7
      No, HFTD line was a sub-line of the yellow card catch-all "Transformers" line. Reveal the shield is the sub-line that replaced HFTD in that catch-all line.

      The set in question was just a "Transformers" release, with no sub-line at all.
      that was what i was saying
    20. King_Kat
      dude your work is INSANE!
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