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Oct 13, 2017
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Oct 13, 2017
    1. amproadbuster88
      Really? I normally like most Bees, I do hear he's even smaller then DOTM Bee though huh?
    2. amproadbuster88
      Oh okay, let me know how you think he is and if he's worth it before any other AoE that's already out. So far I have Slug and Scorn, waiting for Evasion Prime and HOB next.
    3. amproadbuster88
      Oh that's cool! Think they would work pretty well, and how is Strafe? My brother really wants him.
    4. amproadbuster88
      Oh! Yeah, I can't really order anything yet lol, I'd half to wait a week if I did.
    5. amproadbuster88

      And I want Drift, but I can't find him in stores yet along with any other Wave 2 yet, would half to order him soon but he'd be cheaper at Walmart.
    6. amproadbuster88
      Hey, I just picked up Scorn yesterday, I think he's the best Wave 1 Deluxe, he is so cool! Don't you have him?

      And I cant believe Casey Kasem died today, he was really cool! That sucks his family had to do that.
    7. amproadbuster88
      Ok, I sent a pic nd msg on FB so check it out.
    8. amproadbuster88
      Yeah, I can try and send it through FB messenger, let me see if it works, or I can take a short video.
    9. amproadbuster88
      No, it's his arm joint that let's him bend his arm like 90 dagrees. Like hold him facing you then on his actual right arm (facing away from you rigt arm), on that one he has the 3 joints on the shoulder part, got the elbow then the swivle then the one that bends. Is yours alright? what could it be! Cause every time I try and bend it it wants to pop off like it's not even like round on it or off on a certain part. Sry I made it so confusing lol.
    10. amproadbuster88
      I'm not sure, anything like that, maybe GamePlay, etc...

      And he's decent, mine has an arm issue on the right arm, it pops off when I try and bend it at the elbow, I've tried filing it down on all parts but still not workig! Idk what it is.
    11. amproadbuster88
      Yeah, I could do that, go on YouTube to find out how to make videos that I can post on YouTube! xD haha! I could check it out though.
    12. amproadbuster88
      Nice! I wish I knew how to make any kind of video even just once lol, I'm at least gonna post Mario Kart 8: Mario Kart TV short videos on mine since it's so simple. I'm guessing it's fun doing that?

      And btw I got my first AoE figure today! I picked up slug at Walmart for $9.97 + tax so about $11, better then MSRP at $15 + tax so maybe around $17, did see Evasion Prime also who I really wanted, just couldn't really afforde him right now, might get him in 2 weeks if not on my Birthday. Excited for Botcon though! :D and especially AoE like a week after lol.
    13. amproadbuster88
      Yeah, he's a pretty good speaker when it comes to this stuff, believe he came from Costa Mesa then Diamond Bar? Or one or the other. Wait, you made the video?
    14. amproadbuster88
      All of So Cal I believe if not further out.
    15. amproadbuster88
      Alright, sounds good. And he's the one that's on KWVE here I think in the afternoon?
    16. amproadbuster88
      Oh ok, cool! Let me know what you think after.

      He makes some good points.
    17. amproadbuster88
      Same, the next coming days are gonna be pretty busy for us since were moving so might not be on much.
    18. amproadbuster88
      So how's your week been?
    19. amproadbuster88
    20. amproadbuster88
      Whoa! So another to come! :)
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