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    1. Superwheeljack
    2. Superwheeljack
      How do make a group thing here?
    3. Superwheeljack
      I accidentally posted the same thing down below.
    4. Superwheeljack
      I think Magnus would have been able to at least stop shockwave from fighting him, but animated sucks.
      you know how the minicons combined in armada?
      I wish they could attack the creators of animated or Optimus himself come and kick their asses to cybertrons moons aka unicron, and he'd take care of them
    5. Superwheeljack
      You're right. Just posted a thread with my complaints about animated
    6. Hotshotprime43

      Blurr: a whole episode of him being a race car shows up later for two episodes only to get killed in the season three opener.....

      Dinobots: gets created then get sent off to island only to be used as bodyguards for super villain of the week

      Rodimus: One minute of being awesome making me think the shows finally going to get good, never seen again....

      Yet people say Prime has wasted potential
    7. Hotshotprime43
      I know what you mean. Another problem i had with Animated is they would introduce a character and... WE WOULD NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN! So basically for the whole series we had the same five Autobots from start to finish and Jazz finally joins them for the last two episodes. Sure Prime may not have a lot of characters but still at least there are changes to the team. Such as Cliffjumper death and Wheeljack and Smokescreen arriving. I would rather have less characters who stay in the show then a one minute cameo only to never see them again. Especially after coming off of the the Unicron trilogy because in those series when we got a new character that character would stick around for a while unlike Animated when we get a character and then... they're gone.
    8. Superwheeljack
      They had hotshot on animated for like five minutes...and never had him on again...
      Another reason I hate animated is, wheeljack had facial hair, which is stupid and was only on for 10 seconds and we never saw him again.
    9. Superwheeljack
      I remember watching episode 48 and my brother crying when starscream died.
    10. Superwheeljack
      You okay if I befriend you?
    11. Superwheeljack
      You like cybertron? It's, meh.......
      Pretty bad
      My favorite character from armada, would be prime (of course), and wheeljack, and starscream, because it's probably the only time we get a good one
    12. Superwheeljack
      You ever seen rescue bots? I hate it
    13. Superwheeljack
      Who's your favorite guy from armada?
    14. Superwheeljack
      And wouldn't the autobots have special technology to check bots to make sure their not cons?
    15. Superwheeljack
      And Magnus Isn't supposed to be the leader. I really don't like megatrons voice at all. And too many primes.
    16. Superwheeljack
      Why does armada get so much hate anyway? I think people just got the name messed with animated
    17. Superwheeljack
      Only thing I have with armada is that wheeljack was a con, but his character was still pretty good
    18. Superwheeljack
      And galvs and prime are like NNNNOOOO!!!!!!
    19. Superwheeljack
      Do you remember starscreams sacrifice in episode 48 "cramp"?
      And how Galvatron and Optimus were just standing there screaming
    20. Superwheeljack
      The second film was Terrible wasn't it
      The first and third were pretty good
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