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    1. Livingdeaddan
    2. Jet
      a request
    3. Jet
      I sent it
    4. Jet
      send a link then delete it please
    5. Jet
      Where can I contact you to give more info
    6. Jet
      I was wondering if you could help me out in a TF show I am making
    7. Jet
      May I ask you something
    8. TFFan01
      Hey Hazekiah since you like overanalyzing things, I've found this: Sam's happy time: let's talk about the masturbation joke scene. - Transformers Discussion - The Allspark Forums
    9. Moy
      Well, you called it. Looks like we'll be having a dragon in TF5. The knight theme is stronger than ever.
    10. MegaPrime1007
      Oh okay. Well at least things are figured out. Also you could try to be more understanding instead of saying "lolwtf" and constantly laughing. You say "lol" all the time to mask your anger and frustration. That or you have some fake bubbly behavior, which makes it hard for me to have a serious conversation with you...mr adult. At least things won't go any further. Good day.
    11. Hazekiah
      LOL, you go right ahead. If I disagreed with your opinion then that's ALL I did. Nothing personal. Apparently, I've wronged you in some previous thread but, honestly, I've never even HEARD OF you before, let alone harbored some grudge, lolwtf. Good luck with that. :-*
    12. MegaPrime1007
      Finally, if youre such an adult and your own entity (which was a poor comeback by the way because you are merely stating the irrelevant obvious) than reply to this with a mature message so we can work this out. Because I seriously dont recall doong anything wrong to you and I would like to get things straightened out. If you decide not to thats fine, but if you end up being nasty or seemingly trying to instigate me in another thread one more time I will be taking this to the mods and let them know how I have tried to prevent further arguments from occuring. Im PMing you cause I dont want to get that thread locked and make a mess in it.
    13. MegaPrime1007
      Now what brings me to think this way, well in two of my most recent threads you have, for no good reason, intentionally and rather blatantly posed as an arguer against my opinions and points made when it has been entirely uncalled for. For instance, in the barricade thread you just randomly said there doesnt need to be an explanation rather subliminally rudely. If you were truly saying that Barricade wasnt dead and was so keen on arguing that, then you would have addressed the guy who commented that, not me.
    14. MegaPrime1007
      Here's the thing bro. Forget about whateverwe were discussing that thread. I think its very evident that you have a personal issue with me. I don't what your problem is, or what I have done to you that has made you dislike me, but you need to let me know so we can fix things instead of being nasty. What you said that thread, wasn't to contribute to the thread, but rather to instigate me and rile me up. I dont what the hell you have against me but if youre so much of an adult then how about you act like one and maturely address the issues with me through PM. Not through indirect messages on threads that you KNOW fully well will instigate me. I have done nothing wrong to at all that I can recall, but I apologize if Ive done something wrong in the past unknowingly. Now if you just dislike me for no good reason, well then you can take a good flying leap. You dont even know me and its rather CHILDISH to have something against without actually knowing me for who I am.
    15. Galvatross
      Hey Hazekiah, I thought I'd share these with you since we were discussing it last week. These are the little dinosaurs that appear in the opening scenes of AOE. First here's the Psittacosaurus sibiricus:

      Psittacosaurus. Dino Dan by Swordlord3d on DeviantArt

      Here's a reconstruction of Tianyulong, which is a heterodontosaurid that at the very least inspired the heterontosaurids that squabble with the Psittacosaurus.

      Tianyulong – a fuzzy dinosaur that makes the origin of feathers fuzzier – Not Exactly Rocket Science

      It's always a pleasure!
    16. Hazekiah

    17. CKPRIME
      You don't have any inbox space, fool!
    18. CKPRIME
      Your buddy's post in the extras thread made me want to put my palm through my own face.
    19. CKPRIME
      Hahaha, shit happens...
    20. CKPRIME
      Someone is getting an education today...
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