Jun 5, 2009
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Hey, That's Pretty Good, Female, from Somewhere Between Life and Death

    1. EnergonWaffles
    2. Onslaught24
      Alright, man
    3. Onslaught24
      Hey man. Didn't mean anything by what I said in the Show Yourself thread. Just one of my horrible attempts at bein funny :o
    4. EnergonWaffles
      Hal...sucks to tell you this, but I honestly can't get that gif to look much better than it already does as an avatar :/ The max size for avatars is just too low for a gif that long.
    5. Dran0n
      Text me so I have your number. We need to talk about JLaw.
    6. GFH
      I think it was developing before and all the changes made it worse. The anxiety, I mean.
    7. GFH
      I dunno dude. Been pretty anxious lately and pretty down on top of that. I got a new doctor last week who actually seems concerned and wants to look into it, so hopefully it's something I can get some help with before school really gets insane. Had some kind of episode a couple nights ago. Kind of freaky all around.

      Right this moment I'm physically unwell on top of that so I'm not great.
    8. Dran0n
      I can text you with wifi and while being plugged in between random dying.

      Gonna straighten this fucking joke out soon.
    9. Dran0n
      Had my mum go get it "fixed" but it didn't really do anything for me. Works when plugged in, but my service doesn't seem to work. So fuck my stupid joke of a life.

      My phone died unexpectedly so I have no money lol. I have no idea what to do.
    10. Dran0n
      Noooo... It just would die every few minutes. Thinking it's a battery problem.

      I did throw it in an empty recycle bin really hard yesterday though. I knew what was coming.
    11. Dran0n
      My phone gave out so like, I'm not ignoring anything you text on purpose.
    12. Dolza_Khyron
      honestly; i am just tired of debating things. discussions are one thing, but i had members give me death threats for not liking man of steel, in the pm's. I didn't mean any disrespect to you, or anyone else. I do enjoy discussing with you.

      I just do not feel comfortable doing that stuff anymore. the fact i do not like man of steel, seems to follow me around the entire forums. someone even mentioned it in the transformer's movie forums. using it a reason to discredit my opinions.

      I apologize for being rude to you though.
    13. EnergonWaffles
      All the "kinky drunk time" has actually been me sitting in a chair guzzling moscato while a friend rehashes everything her crush did that day. So if your friend finds it kinky to listen to "He sent me a text but didn't reply to my reply- what does that mean?" for hours on end- ohlala yeah theres been a ton of that.
    14. Fallout
    15. EnergonWaffles
      Thanks Haloid. My ass appreciates it.
    16. EnergonWaffles
      Went on a trip around Kentucky and Tennessee. Sadly, there's nothing kinky about those two states. >: (

      Can you give me the link to where you found your current avatar maybe? Cuz I'm super lazy?
    17. EnergonWaffles
      hey I'm at home now. So what did you need for a avatar?
    18. Venixion
      Was hoping Kate Upton visited you.

      Guess this is pretty cool.
      :lol sorry to disappoint you, but i'll be sure to post the pics if she ever shows up at my house gnoshing on a pidgeon
    19. GFH
      That's so super gross ugh.
    20. GFH
      Sigh yeah.

      He never did call me back so that was lucky I guess.
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