Feb 17, 2005
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Telly-headed Tyrant

    1. Fallout
      hahahaha your sig
    2. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Probably not lol
    3. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      I applaud your sig. I believe I know how you got it :D
    4. Surge
      No problem, dude. How it going?
    5. KayeMinor
      Is that Nachtsider's avatar in your sig?
    6. Autobot Burnout
    7. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
    8. JazzHunter83
      I totally agree with you! I love transformers, but I know I wouldn't be on here everyday if it wasn't for some cool people i've met. Your jokes are very amusing, you should be a comedian :D I know that I have had tears in my eyes from laughing, lol. I have definitely found a little niche here where I feel comfortable, and who knew it would be on a toy collectors site ;) Maybe it's because deep down, we're all young at heart? All I know is that I enjoy a good laugh and I do enjoy my time here (the odd douchebag notwithstanding, lol). Have to say i'm disappointed that you don't look at ALL like your avatar....that's misrepresentation ;) You promised us a telly-head, damn it :D
    9. JazzHunter83
      Lol, no problems :) I find myself laughing at so many of your posts and you come across as very approachable and fun, so thought i'd fire a friend request at you :) I wouldn't have thought you were a perve ;) It's all good xxxx
    10. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Oh, he will. They're "his designs" after all, why shouldn't he post them? It's not like he obviously stole them and has no imagination whatsoever, right?
    11. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Yeah, I got it.

      I wasn't totally off base with my thought it was Shockwave's lower legs (I swear, his box art has the EXACT same hips and everything), but it does fit in with the rest of the pattern of the other recolored/retraced designs. What's even funnier is that we haven't seen his Decepticons yet, I can't help but wonder who he's ripping off in that department.
    12. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Just tore through everything he posted, this guy clearly does not know anything about what he's doing. What's even funnier is that he thinks he's in the clear:

      look its my designs i can do whatever i want
      I'm sure his parents will be none too happy when this all ends up with a nice fat Cease and Desist from Hasbro Legal for design theft.
    13. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Wow, I'm going to have fun with this:lol

      BTW I'm sending you a VM because my PM box is full.
    14. QLRformer
    15. Nachtsider
      ROTF Devastator being subjected to that kind of treatment would slay me. :lolol
    16. Nachtsider
      I was wondering about getting towed away for illegally parking, but the clamping thing is miles more hilarious. :lolol
    17. Nachtsider
      Regenerating balls. Dear god, you had me in stitches. Now I feel like rewatching that one South Park episode where Randy uses his junk as a hoppity-hop. :lolol
    18. eagc7
      thats also why i decided to simply talk to him in his profile for also avoid casuing the same thing

      and okay
    19. eagc7
      Save your energy and minutes of your life, mate. You know just how pointless it will be to get into this stuff with him.
      with him, our discussions are always nice and not troubled (unlike the other users who simpyl get mad at me when i got to stubbornly things)), i still remain stubborn but he understands everything of why i want stuff to happen or not happen
    20. eagc7
      when i said Reason i have no real life friends have nothing to do with my personality, i meant that those annoying stubborn-ish discussions are not the reasons i have no friends, its mainly because of my anti-sociallity

      but unfortunately I know you'll take no heed of that advice or any other given to you.
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    Autobloke in everything but name.