Feb 17, 2005
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Telly-headed Tyrant

    1. QLRformer
      I'm writing a book myself which blends magic and technology.
      That sounds very interesting. Care to share?
    2. Soundwavedredd2
      thats my thread i want to close it down
    3. nobleboivin
      Thanks for the reveiw and compliments. I based Wheeljack's feild skills on the fact that G1 Wheeljack built the Dinobots. I should've put a note saying that I combined all the versions of wheeljack except the evil one.
    4. nobleboivin
    5. nobleboivin
      its in the fanfic section
    6. JazzHunter83
      Also, hugs for the bad year...I hear you ;) Sometimes it feels like when it rains, it pours! I think as long as you both still want the same thing....and are both prepared to wait and keep doing what you've been doing then it'll happen eventually :) We are a little stressed about the cost of everything too, neither of us are rich and it does add up to a lot of money. One of the reasons I think we're leaning towards a september marriage (when I visit) is because we can eliminate the necessity for one visa (and over 2K) by doing that....although, ultimately it may actually make the time before we can permanently be together even longer *sigh*. If you ever need to chat about the process, I am here and available :)
    7. JazzHunter83
      EEEP!!!! I wookie? Really? You should have all pitched in and brought her a gift certificate for a waxing joint ;) Or at least had 4 of you hold her down while another person brought out the babyliss pro and the warm wax....She sounds very manipulative and obviously being the centre of attention. She may have been jealous of any attention you guys paid to the others and not her?

      As for the trunk being up....well, in my case it is very good good feng shui when his trunk is reaching for the sky ;) I'd say it's pretty lucky for him too....but you'd have to ask him :tongue:

      Good luck with the applications, my fingers, toes, legs etc are all crossed for you!
    8. JazzHunter83
      JazzHunter83're saying fish and chips no longer come in newspaper? Nooooooo! As long as the fish and chips are good, I can live with it ;)

      That girl you met online sounds like she was totally nuts....good lord! I know a few people like that in real life, everyone knows at least one nutter I think!

      Hmmm, I can guarantee to you that Mister T does not require two trunks......he only needs one.....but, don't get the smallest size ;) Good lord....I need to stop thinking of elephant trunks....especially as they pertain to Mister T.....

      How is the job hunting going for you? Have you spoken any more about tying the knot with your lovely lady?
    9. nobleboivin
      I was wondering if you would like to reveiw my latest fanfic please
    10. JazzHunter83
      Well, not sure that classics astrotrain need be wasted on T.....;) I might want that baby for myself! T loves me and i'm sure he'll understand, lol.

      I love fish and chips - do you guys still wrap them in newspaper over in the UK? That's like an institution...I may have to insist on it if they've phased it out, lol. Yeah, brown ocean is not my cup of tea I don't think.....I can't surf either :p

      Yeah, T will get a tent as a wedding present....and maybe some ear plugs so he doesn't have to listen to my bitching. If you want you can give him the elephant delicates and make sure you get one with a huge trunk....make the guy happy :tongue:

      I agree about the coolness of online people vs real life people....
    11. JazzHunter83
      No, not Tina...her name is Davia :) Lol @ pie retention, hehehe. Mine would be cheesecake I think ;) I have already warned T about my horrendous mood swings and PMS during that time of the month....I think he might take a tent and camp in the backyard during those days.

      Hahahaha @ 'Butt Shots' were spying on our conversation last night weren't you ;) Where we discussed the pros and cons of inserting Jetfire up T's ass.....I thought it was funny...T less so ;) Pornography Bot Shots poses would be ....uh.....different! Deluxe the very least ;)

      We were saying today that if we're ever in the UK we'll take you out and spoil you with alcohol and you can entertain us with would be wonderful to meet in person! I have family in London and Dublin, it's a possibility :)
    12. SideSwipe154
      Just wanted to let you know you have the funniest sig I've seen in a while :D
    13. JazzHunter83
      Ugh! Lets never mention elephant undergarments again :tongue: I'm not sure that either of us could survive the laughing fit ;)

      I have an old friend who lives in Ohio - she's a real big Buckeyes fan, but I haven't spoken to her in a long time.

      As a woman, my weight mostly fluctuates due to hormones. Honestly, I can gain up to 3-5 kg the week before my monthly visit and then it just disappears the few days after she's left the building - it must be water retention or something?

      FatalT and I have many plans for those Bot Shots :p Not sure about posting a pic as my sig ;) We have children here....hahaha.
    14. JazzHunter83
      My mum had a reduction about two years ago and she was a HH cup on an average body frame. She is now a DD and wants another one to get down to a C. The size of my breasts fluctuates with my weight as I gain weight on my boobs, bum and thighs before anywhere else. It is better than gaining it on my belly I suppose :D where in the US does your significant other live? I am planning on going there (Texas obviously) in September - have to time it with school terms/exams. Talk about sex in a sea of bot shots ;) I think I'll not need to ask your aunt for her "bunny hat" haha!
    15. JazzHunter83
      The sad thing is that once upon a time I had epic boobs!!!

      I had gained a bit of weight with my pregnancies and then breastfeeding had me up to a large E/small F.....I swear I lived in constant fear that if I fell, no way would I be able to get up without help....

      Of course I lost a lot of weight - as you do as you lose your pregnancy weight and stop breastfeeding....unfortunately my epic boobs got smaller and smaller :( Now i'm about a large C/Small D...but, they do seem saggier than pre-pregnancy! Ugh!!!! Thank God we have push-up bras!!!!

      P.S Yes, it has occurred to me how odd it is to be discussing my boobs with a guy I met on a Transformers, boobs are a good a topic as any I guess :D
    16. JazzHunter83
      Hey, the supermarket is where the action is, yo! The biggest benefit to my old, saggy boobs is that i'd save a fortune on brassiers!!! I can just tuck them into the waist band of my knickers and away I go ;)
    17. JazzHunter83
      That's a good idea about printing off the thread! Happy Birthday for next Friday!!!! I don't make a big deal out of my birthday, either....what's the point when each birthday brings me closer to wrinkles and saggy boobs, lol. Good luck with the hunting, fingers crossed the hunt ends soon and you find an ideal job. The economy does suck right now :(
    18. JazzHunter83
      Aw, thank you so much, my friend! I noticed the thread exploded since I last saw it, but I haven't read it yet so haven't seen your response. I am tickled that you posted separately to my wall, it's awsome that you would think to do that. I hope all is well with you? xxxx
    19. Surge
      Sorry about not getting back to you on your writing. Sounds like you have some great ideas and I'd be willing to read some if you want to give me a sample. You're a legend of the fart by the way. Keep up the great work. :ev:
    20. JazzHunter83
      Eh, don't ever worry about me harping on about work and not working - I am a bleeding heart liberal, so.....;) If your health suffered (or is still suffering ) then you need to do what you have to do. Finding work can be hard for everyone - even in Aus, where we weren't hit as hard with the GFC as most other countries. I am lucky to be in a field when there's always employment (nursing), but have considered changing careers, and as time goes on I am thinking more and more about it. Would like to do social work I think. Working in plastics is meant to be quite bad healthwise anyway, right? With the chemicals and things? I don't know much about it. Fingers crossed you find a good job soon.
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